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NIFE is now Version 4, here's a featurelist
Posted: Posted July 17th, 2017 by Xhin
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Version 4 of NIFE introduces a bunch of new features and plugins that allow you to make more detailed customization of the actions in your game.

I've made a lot of posts covering this version as I've rolled it out, but here's a complete featurelist:

  • [NIFE: Plugins and Character Talking Plugin] -- Character Talking -- Adds NPCs that you can talk to or whisper to to get information on various topics.

  • [NIFE: Shared Inventory Update] -- Shared Inventory -- creates a "shared inventory" that all players have access to (useful for cooperative games)

  • [NIFE Subtext System] -- Subtext System -- Lets you alter the way a room looks depending on various things a character has or various room attributes.

  • [NIFE: Permanent Items] -- Permanent Items -- Items can be "permanent" which means they can't be dropped/given away/stolen.

  • [NIFE: Sparring System Done] -- Sparring System -- Allows for combat between players and other players as well as NPC foes and punching bags.

  • [NIFE: Traps and Reflexes Plugin] -- Traps/Reflexes -- Lets players place weapons in the room so that the next person to enter the room gets attacked by it; allows hosts to set up traps like this initially; also allows for characters to automatically attack whoever enters the room next.

  • [NIFE: Status Effects Plugin] -- Status Effects -- Allows for things that alter the way characters interact with the game. Some are good, some are bad. They generally have a duration.

  • [NIFE: Potions Plugin], [NIFE: Potions v2] -- Potions -- Adds drinkable items that can affect various things once quaffed. Also grants status effects.

  • [NIFE: Trackers Plugin] -- Trackers -- Adds items that allow you to track other player's locations, inventories, or combat stats.

  • [NIFE: Crafting Plugin] -- Crafting -- Lets you turn items into other items via crafting recipes. Also lets you do "trial & error" to attempt to figure out a crafting recipe yourself. Also allows for "scrapping" recipes and recipes that work both ways.

  • [NIFE: Hidden Things Update] -- Hidden Things Update -- Various things in the game can be hidden, including items in rooms, characters outside the sneak system, and room relationships.

  • [NIFE: Discovery Update] -- Discovery -- Lets specific players know about hidden things and access/interact with them independent of other players.

  • [NIFE: Knowledge Plugin] -- Knowledge -- Aggregates discoveries and crafting recipes, allowing the Host to set who knows what much easier, also allows for "infobooks" which are items that can grant their reader knowledge of the above types.

  • [NIFE: Mines plugin], [NIFE: Mines Upgrade (global supply, hidden mines and a big pile of events)] -- Mines -- Adds room fixtures that can be mined for a certain type of item every so often with various rules.

  • [NIFE: Crops Plugin] -- Crops -- Lets players plant plants that they can then harvest a certain type of item from. Similar to Mines, but they function more like plants with grow times and times in between harvests, as well as the ability to plow them, grab the seed, and replant it elsewhere.

  • [NIFE: Vehicles Plugin] -- Vehicles -- Adds things that function as both characters and rooms. Players can drive them, ride in them, lock them from the inside, or privately own them and be the only one to operate them. Vehicles are characters and the driver of a vehicle can do all the vehicle's actions for it. But characters inside a vehicle are safe from outside forces.

  • [NIFE: Shops Plugin] -- Shops -- Allows for places where you can buy and sell items, traits, or stats -- also allows for "Character upgrading" where shops can be permanently accessible from within the NIFE User CP.

  • [NIFE: Containers Plugin] -- Containers -- Adds treasure chests that can be locked and have items placed in them or removed.

  • [NIFE: Events Plugin] -- Events -- A big update that allows you to do various things when other various things happen (like the round changing, someone entering a room, etc)

  • [NIFE: Machines Plugin] -- Machines -- Adds fixtures in rooms that allow you to trigger Events in a variety of ways, via combination locks, flipping levers, pressing buttons. Also allows for replication of items, and transmogrifying items. Machines can also be portable and carried around the game. Moonray made a Portal Gun with this plugin (which is impressive).

  • [NIFE: Voting Plugin] -- Voting -- Lets players vote on a specific input to a series of events, and then once per round this triggers. Useful for games where you want one person to die each round based on the vote, but could be used for many other things as well.

  • [NIFE: Auto Actions Update (Count Dooku request, probably moonray too)] -- Auto-Actions Limits -- Allows for custom limits to Automatic Actions, either time-based (some number of hours in between actions) or a limited amount of them each round.

    Anything not on this list is a small update, something that's part of NIFE's backbone, or part of the upcoming NIFE Version 5 which I've been working on simultaneously.

    Moving forward this month I plan to finish off the rest of version 5. If I have time before I have to move I'll work on version 6 as well, but version 5 is my priority right now.

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    Good work

    Posted July 17th, 2017 by Moonray
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