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Any old timer from the original Game Talk here?
Posted: Posted July 9th by Angemon

I have used Game Talk when i was a kid. (about 15 years ago, god i am old)

Have made acquaintance with some such as the admin Silver Wolf for FFVIII, admin piccolo for FFIX etc etc The list goes on.

So, any old timer here?

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I'm from the old times, but I wasn't in the Final Fantasy forums so much back then.

Posted July 9th by Laxan

probably not the level of "old" you had in mind, but I was around the old site (though not really the FF forums)

hihi nice to see you c:

Posted July 9th by Pirate_Ninja

I've been around since 2002, so I guess I'll count as an old timer now?

Posted July 12th by Trever Leingod
Trever Leingod

No, Trevor is the old timer. I don't know who this Trever is but he must be new!

Edited July 12th by Moonray

I've been coming to gametalk since 2003, I'm previously known as SnakeVenom

Posted July 12th by Q

I've been around when piccolo was the mod, not sure I'm what you'd call old school though.

Edited July 27th by PlatinumDragoon

I was around when Denida and excelfire were mods at Pointless

Posted August 2nd by Beep

Hey, havn't been here as often as I'd like but saw this and thougth I'd chime in.

Posted August 2nd by tnu

Been around since 2004-2005

I really miss Tempest Lord, Lonewolf, the old gang. Times are very different now.

Posted August 3rd by mariomguy

I was in the Digimon World 3 forums back in the day.

Posted August 3rd by S.O.H.

I was F-T in the FFX forum

Posted October 15th by -Riku-

I remember piccolo... I miss some of the old mods.

Posted October 15th by Kohlrak
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