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DLC pack 1 with patch 1.3.0 officially out!
Posted: Posted July 1st, 2017
Edited July 1st, 2017 by ShadowFox08

Prepare your anus for Golden Lynels in DLC Pack 1: Master trials!

Anyone get it or planning to? I could get it soon after exploring akala region and getting into gerudo desert regions before I face the final boss..

In regards to the master trials, there's like 45 stages and 3 times where you can get power ups to your master sword for +10 damage each, until you get to 60 damage(like when you face guardians or malice stuff) total, with even more durability, and supposedly infinite sword beams...

The Master/Hard mode is a separate save file where you'll see every enemy upgraded one level(instead of red moblins, you'll see blue). They'll have more HP and take more damage, AND they regenerate health.. Plus you could see a lynel in the great plateau as well!

The other stuff sounds pretty cool. Teleport anywhere in the map, as well as see where you've gone on the map(showing a green trail). Some of the costumes are useful as well. Majora's mask makes you walk in through all common enemies(moblins, bobolikins, lizafalos?, and the skeleton versions), etc.

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