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Fire Emblem: Echoes Discussion Thread
Posted: Posted June 24th, 2017
Edited June 24th, 2017 by Dice

Famov's review was on the front page of VGND but E3 pushed it off so I'm posting a fresh thread to talk about it while I play it.

I'm currently about to hit 40 hours and I just started Act 5. I'm not gonna lie, dungeons have started to wear on me a bit. Ascending Duma Tower with Celica's party felt pretty chore-y and now I have to go UNDER the bitch with Alm & Boyz... it's kinda offputting. I killed a couple of the mobs but now I'm taking a break because I have a feeling the next hour or two will be plenty of the same thing. I still love this game though!!!!!

Random thoughts:

  • Delthea is a bad bitch for sure. The only character with a higher rating is my bow knight (so that doesn't count). I've equipped her with a Speed Ring and let her murder everything with sword and magic. She literally (not literally) soloed the waterfall map with the cunt that conjures witches.
  • I saw Tatiana and thought I was finally getting a dancer.... sigh....

    I have nothing to say about any of Celica's party since they all disappeared but Mae is a bad bitch too. Freakin' Priestess class is OP.

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