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NIFE: Status Effects Plugin
Posted: Posted June 22nd, 2017
Edited June 22nd, 2017 by Xhin
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This is MASSIVE update that adds a ton of functionality (and the foundation for a lot of future functionality too).

Basically what it does is it creates "Status Effects" which are things that affect the way players interact with the game. It then assigns them to all kinds of crazy stuff.

Let's look at the actual status effects:

Status Effects

  • Stunned -- Player can't do auto-actions or actions at all whatsoever (they can still talk though).

  • Coma -- Player can't access a room thread at all whatsoever.

  • Blind -- Instead of seeing the room description, they see "YOU ARE BLIND". They also can't log the OP into their Journal.

  • Deaf -- They can't see room messages (including their own)

  • Dumb -- Instead of seeing auto-action names they see confusing letters and question marks (but a savvy player can maybe remember which one corresponds with which thing).

  • Mute -- Player can't post messages except in Main, Ghost, Dead threads. They can still interact though.

  • Poison (X,S) -- Player loses a X amount of S stat each round.

  • Regen (X,S) -- Player gains X amount of S stat each round.

    (( NOTE: There's some overlap between Poison/Regen and add/subtract stat Round Change Events -- redundancy is generally good! ))

  • Amnesia -- Player no longer can see their Playerbox, Profile, or Journal.

  • Finite (X) -- If the player has infinite auto-actions, they are instead limited to this amount per round.

  • Teleportation -- The player can move to ANY room in the game.

  • Observant -- The player can see and interact with stealthed characters (not ones explicitly hidden though, just the ones on the sneak system).

    What you can actually assign these to

    So there's a lot of features there. But it gets deeper, because you can assign any number of any of these to...

  • Any specific character

  • All characters -- maybe everyone regenerates "bones" each round.

  • A specific room -- maybe the "Gravity Well" room limits you to one auto-action per round and also takes away 10 health each round.. or maybe you have a dark room where you're blind until you can undarken it somehow (machines update).

  • A weapon or spell -- Maybe you have a "Stun Gun" that stuns players on contact.. or a Bio spell that deals 5 damage each turn while the status effect is in place.

  • A potion -- Maybe you have a "Teleportation" potion that gives you the teleportation ability until the end of the round.


    Status effects also have an Hour Setting. Which can be one of the following:

    0 -- Status effect is in place forever.
    -1 -- Status effect lasts until the round ends.
    X -- Status effect lasts for X real-time hours.


    Now that the information is out of the way, let's look at the actual panels...

  • Here you can select what you want to edit the status effect for, as far as rooms or characters go.

  • Ignore "All Rooms", because I realized later that it's literally the same thing as "All Characters". (It does work though).

  • Weapons/Spells and Potions plugin menus have their own links so you can edit their status effects.. note that they share them with all clones, so that Mining/Crafting/etc still works correctly.

  • Here's where you actually edit status effects. Note that if a status affect has an X, it'll have a box for it.. or if it affects a Stat, it'll have a box for that.

  • Clicking "Reactivate" will recreate the duration based on the number of hours you have set. This also works for status effects that ended at the end of a round.

  • Clicking "Deactivate" will make the status effect not affect anything in-game anymore, but it still exists in the menu here if you want to reactivate it later.

  • "Remove" will remove it completely.

  • Status effects appear in the Playerbox, along with their duration.

  • Here's what a bunch of Status Effects look like in tandem

  • If you somehow manage to access the Profile or Journal while an amnesiac (through bookmarking it maybe) you get this lovely screen

  • Here's what "Dumb" does to your auto-actions (Oh the horror!)

  • Here's what Teleportation does to your "Move" auto-actions

  • What it looks like when you're in a coma

  • New combat.

  • Note also that you can now attack with 0-damage weapons. Useful for weapons that are purely effects-based.

  • Proof of Concept with Teleportation Potion.


    If you have any suggestions, there's a lot of stuff this system can do if you have something specific you want, with the exception of...

  • Temporarily boosting stats / temporarily adding traits -- I'm having issues in this department. It'll be functional eventually some way though.

  • Setting hour-based intervals (like, do Regen/Poison every 4 hours instead of only at round ends) -- Definitely issues here too, though it was planned initially.

    Pretty much any other feature additions are doable though.

    Also report bugs, there's likely to be a few.

    Also as far as general system issues go, I'm probably going to be fixing them in batches at a later date so I can continue to roll out updates at a breakneck pace.

  • There are 4 Replies


    Posted June 22nd, 2017 by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit

    My only request would be the temporary stat boost and temporary traits :)

    Posted June 22nd, 2017 by Moonray
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    Also as far as general system issues go, I'm probably going to be fixing them in batches at a later date so I can continue to roll out updates at a breakneck pace.

    As long as you are keeping a log of all the bugs I've reported then I don't mind when they're fixed :)

    Edited June 23rd, 2017 by Moonray
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    I has request!

    Hides all exits from the room.

    Posted June 22nd, 2017 by Moonray
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