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Maybe we can start some kinder lists?
Posted: Posted June 19th by Cetasaurus

Top 5 nicest GTers? Top 5 wittiest/funniest? Top 5 best debaters? Other positive top 5s or 10s or whatever?

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Popularity lists are stupid anyway.

Posted June 19th by Burrito Grand Master
Burrito Grand Master

Top 5 most grounded GT members:

#1 Vandy
#2-5 empty.

Posted June 22nd by Fox Forever
Fox Forever

Gt members embracing life and loving every moment of it


2-5: Empty

Posted June 22nd by S.O.H.

top 5 nicest

1) sus
2) ceta
3) helius

top 5 coolest dudes
1) poptart
2) poptart
3) poptart
4) poptart
5) xhin lol just kidding it's poptart

Posted June 22nd by poptart!
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