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Moderated by Vandy
Should Microsoft make a handheld system?
Posted: Posted Monday by weid Microsoft

They're the only one of the three video game system companies who have yet to make a handheld system. Should they make one what games should they make on it?

There are 9 Replies

Halo 3/Reach on a handheld would be pretty sick.

Posted Monday by Burrito Grand Master
Burrito Grand Master

Posted Monday by Pirate_Ninja

Who is this new character? Reminds me of Daria.

I'm not interested in the handheld market, so I would say no. I can't see any of their franchises working well on mobile. Maybe their arcade titles, but I don't think there are enough of those to cause demand for a handheld.

Edited Monday by Vandy

Fuck that. Theyre already monopolizing PCs and they have a strong foot hold in console gaming. They tried with mobile and they failed miserably. I wish they'd try in handheld only to get stomped.

Posted Monday by ShadowFox08

Whoa, that's a post full of hate. Where does this come from?

Posted Monday by Vandy

"Should they make one what games should they make on it?"

Why should they make one?

"They tried with mobile and they failed miserably."

Are you talking about PDA's? They didn't tail at it.

Posted Monday by Q

Whoa, that's a post full of hate. Where does this come from?

From owning and typing this reply from a windows mobile phone.

Posted Tuesday by ShadowFox08

No one from Microsoft made you get that. Not to mention there are atleast 2 other os's that are out for phones. I myself and typing this on my iPhone 7.

Posted Tuesday by Q

to elaborate a bit, my disdain is mainly because I like handheld gaming and yet don't feel much overlap between it and what I associate Microsoft with. It just doesn't feel like their type of game to me, like it'd end up more like the Switch's ability to play a "console game" in a handheld form. The Nintendo/Sony handheld games I tend to enjoy are generally types that I don't see much of on Xbox (which kinda explains why I don't have an xbone).

Who is this new character? Reminds me of Daria.

not actually a spoiler for anything, but putting it in tags so as to not distract from the actual topic

Posted Tuesday by Pirate_Ninja
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