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NIFE: Nature plugin early concept notes
Posted: Posted June 16th, 2017 by Xhin

This v5 (possibly v6) plugin will introduce cyclical game conditions like Day/Night cycles, seasons, and weather. These are procedurally generated from the time and round based on conditions you set, like:

  • Every 5 rounds, the weather is "Storm"

  • "Day" corresponds to 6am to 6pm in real time (EST)

  • During the "Night" each hour has a 1 in 6 chance of becoming a "Zombie Hour"

    When you play the game, NIFE analyzes the round and time and generates a bunch of "Nature Conditions" based on it dynamically. This then feeds into other systems.. so for example you can do things like..

  • Hide enemies with the "Daturnal" trait during the night and hide enemies with the "Nocturnal" trait during the day.

  • Make some items in the room be hidden if it's "Winter"

  • Show the Windmill machine if it's "Raining".

  • Everyone has -10 defense when it's "Windy".

  • Maybe you can't move rooms during a "Tornado".


    Additionally, rooms can have "Climate" which is a custom replacement of game cycles with room-specific cycles. So for example, you could have "The Shadow Temple" be permanently "Night". Perhaps it never "Rains" in the "Max Desert". Probably would be a good idea to extend this to room categories and room traits instead of just individual rooms.

    This plugin definitely requires the Auto-actions upgrade, that piece of code needs to be waaaaaay better organized so things can be filtered properly.

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