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NIFE: Shops, currency and currency items
Posted: Posted June 13th, 2017 by Xhin

This update will happen pretty soon. Here I'm laying out my plans for it.

"Currency" is just any arbitrary stat. You don't have to set it or anything. You can have multiple currencies in a game.

There's a special item type called a "currency bag" which has some amount of currency in it. When you pick it up it automatically adds that much currency to your stat. These are items so they can be hidden/moved around/etc like other items but they never go into character inventories.

Shops have the following properties:

  • Location -- they can be in a specific room, attached to a specific character, attached to all characters, attached to a specific character trait, attached to a specific vehicle, all vehicles, or a vehicle with a specific trait.

  • Currency -- each shop uses one currency for all of its transactions.

  • Type -- Shops can either be places you sell things, buy things, or both.

  • Bank -- Shops can either have a finite amount of money that you can sell things to or be infinite.

  • Cheapness --- a percentage between 1 and 100 -- indicates the percent they'll buy an item value for.

  • Greed -- if you don't want to set a shop price individually for something you can instead let it use the value plus whatever percentage you set the Greed property to.

    Things shops can sell

  • Specific items

  • Clones of a specific item

  • increase stats, fill them, upgrade the max value, upgrade the gain amount (used for like.. shield recovery for example), increase by the gain amount. -- on a character or vehicle this shop affects them, in a room it affects the purchaser.

  • Clones a character and makes it a minion of the purchaser and puts it in the same room as them.

  • give or remove a trait

  • change a class to something

    Each thing can be set a certain price or -1, in which case they use the Standard Price (you can set this in a special panel that lists all characters, all items, all traits, etc)

    Each thing aside from the specific item can have a "Stock" -- once the stock is gone that thing can't be bought anymore.

    Shops can have multiple things they're selling (obviously)

    There can also be multiple shops attached to something (less obviously)

    Shops are in a special panel like the profile or journal universally -- in a room auto actions list you'll see a list of shops and can click them to go to the shop panel entry for it.

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