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Has any one been to Maui?
Posted: Posted June 12th by S.o.h.

Flying out there for a week.

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No, but I'll be in Oahu and the Big Island next month! Can't wait.

Posted June 12th by Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

Nice. Check out the pearl harbor memorial for me. I dont want to spend another 200 dollars on a flight to it.

Posted June 12th by S.O.H.


I worked on several organic farms there over 4 months before Peace Corps, specifically out in Hana, then on the other side in Lahaina.

Most beautiful place on earth.

Posted June 12th by Agis in the US
Agis in the US

any recommendations? preferabbly on the cheap side of things (hahaha )

Posted June 12th by S.O.H.

Pearl Harbor is low on the list for us, but I'd like to get out there if we can.

Posted June 13th by Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

Go to the beaches.

Look up the red sand beach if you find yourself in Hana. Get a bowl of chili rice while you're there, too.

Visit big beach and little beach near Kula. At evening and night there should be a hippie fest at little beach. Feel free to get naked.

You're definitely going to want to hike Haleakala, also near Hana. Best to hike up at night (wear warm clothes) and see the sunrise above the clouds. My greatest regret is never doing that.

Posted June 13th by Agis in the US
Agis in the US

Ill check out all that stuff. Ill be making a list tonight.


yeah I get you. Hawaii, let alone Maui, was never high on the list of places I wanted to travel to. But when the trip is practically free it would be stupid not to go.

Posted June 13th by S.O.H.

I have a few times. The north island rains every single day. The main island is cool for sailing and bike riding.

One of the hotel/lodge rooms had a PlayStation 3 also, but only that one had it.

Posted June 13th by weid man
weid man

Pardon my absence of nickname change above. I love alliteration.

Posted June 14th by Weid Maui
Weid Maui

I've been to Kauai and Oahu. Hawaii is incredibly beautiful. I recommend beaches, good food, and hiking.

Posted June 16th by Temerit

Yeah we will do lots of hiking and swimming.

Posted June 16th by S.O.H.

SOH, I should have posted what I said in castrael's thread here. Please read what I said in that post.

Posted June 20th by weid man
weid man

We checked out the road to Hana it was neat. Had some amazing chicken and bannana bread up there . We went zip lining yesterday it was a blast flying through the air with an ocean view. We are going snorkeling tomorrow and a luau on Thursday. I'm gonna save your recommendations next time I'm here since I'm not the one driving . So far I'm falling in love with this place so much so I'm going to apply to the law enforcement agencies here.

Posted June 20th by S.o.h.

Currently sitting at this place called Beach Bums enjoying my second Mai tai, live music and an overall good day. Summer 2017 is off to a great start.

Posted June 20th by S.o.h.

Working in Lahaina would be pretty dope actually. @agis how did you go about doing that?

Posted June 21st by S.O.H.

Paging @Agis in the US

Posted June 23rd by S.O.H.
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