Ubisoft E3 Conference Discussion thread
Posted: Posted June 12th
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Feel free to talk about it here. I haven't watched it(it was over like by the time I posted this), but if anyone wants to post a summary of what was shown, please do so.

I heard the only games confirmed for Switch are the Mario x Rabbids crossover and Just Dance for now
Mario X Rabbids Kingdom Battle trailer here, and game is available August 29th!

edit: Ubisoft E3 conference recorded via youtube

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Wow, visually that game looks really polished and amazing! Mariom is gonna cream all over this.

Mario X Rabbids Kingdom Battle behind the scenes

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This looks great

Posted June 12th by S.o.h.

They also confirmed some kind of sci-fi toy game waa for Switch (I am properly underselling it with that description).

Posted June 12th by Moonray

Good show. A little slow early on with The Crew 2, but it was leaps and bounds better than EA and Bethesda.

Mario Rabbids X-COM is actually happening. Weird.

Posted June 12th by Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

Yeah, that was the best show so far.

Posted June 12th by Eagle0

Don't forget Just Dance 2018 coming to alll conssoollleeesss bye.

Posted June 12th by Vandy

oh shit.. beyond good and evil 2 announced, and it looks amazing! It's apparently a prequel to the first one.

leaker laura kate dale insists its going to be a year exclusive on the switch. We'll see! No platforms announced yet.

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Skull and bones looks interesting..

some kind of assassins creed black flag spin off that's all about pirate ship warfare!

edit: Starlink for all platforms, including Switch. Kind of reminds me of No Man's Sky, though I don't know how much on exploration there is. Space warfare is shown more. A lot of plastic accessories you can buy apparently to customize your ship in game.

Here is everything ubisoft revealed in their conference btw:

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heh Ill watch this later

Posted June 12th by S.O.H.

It's good to see Black Flag's naval combat become its own game. It was the best thing to happen to the franchise in years (being a pirate in an Assassin'c Creed game was a lot more fun than being an assassin, go figure). But it being multiplayer-focused is a little disappointing. Will be interesting to see who fares better between it and Sea of Thieves.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was a nice surprise. A prequel, which is kind of strange, but I'm still keen. Would love to see some gameplay soon; feels like it's been forever since the game was first announced, and it took this long to get just a CGI trailer.

Posted June 13th by Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula
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