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09/11/2001 WE REMEMBER
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"Fear is the foundation of most governments." - John Adams

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe" - Donald Trump

Posted: Posted June 11th by Ghowilo

Show Spoilerharambe is alive and is climbing up trump tower 2 protest the conspiracy of his death


This post (everything it does is a balloon), tastes the rainbow, has turned stupid
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Thread should be moved to pointless

Posted June 11th by #85

Probably, but perhaps we can salvage this with actual breaking news. Such as Diana Feinstein suggesting that the Senate Judiciary Committee look into Loretta Lynch:

Queasy indeed!

Posted June 11th by Famov

I agree.

Posted June 11th by Ghowilo


Posted June 11th by mariomguy
What up, 1-up

wtf happened to this thread?

Posted June 11th by ShadowFox08

i s t h i s v a p o r w a v e

Posted June 11th by Pink Peruvian Flying Bear
Pink Peruvian Flying Bear

House of Leaves

Posted June 11th by Ghowilo

Posted June 12th by Xhin

Posted June 12th by ShadowFox08

Admins be breakin threads like:

Posted June 12th by Jahoy Hoy
Jahoy Hoy

Posted June 12th by ShadowFox08

Fucking love that Illegal Zelda may-may!

Posted June 12th by Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp

Posted June 12th by ShadowFox08

Posted June 13th by ShadowFox08
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