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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Moderated by: Jet Presto
Best TV shows/movies on Netflix or Hulu?
Posted: Posted June 10th by Agis in the US

For those that have Netflix or Hulu, what are some good movies or tv shows you've been watching?

I just finished F is for Family, an adult cartoon about a dysfunctional family. Very raunchy. Bill Burr voices the dad.

Some other shows I've really enjoyed were Bojack Horseman, another adult cartoon that I really love. On Hulu, there's This is Us, an NBC drama about a family of triplets, where one dies in childbirth and is replaced by an adopted black boy. Storylines jump from throughout their life to the present day when the kids are 37 and they have families and issues. Very good.

Drunk History is always, always a riot. Really wish there were more episodes. If you like history, don't wait another minute before trying this one out.

Movies. Recently I've been watching some good documentaries. Get me Roger Stone was really eye opening about one of Trump's advisors, and how he influenced the 2016 campaign, but also had a hand in a lot of things from Watergate to the present day. If you're interested in politics I'd definitely recommend. Also watched the OJ: Made in America documentary, very good. Oklahoma City Bombing documentary, very good look into the original far-right movement from the nineties that's still very relevant today.

I'm looking for all kinds of movies, though. Comedies, horror, drama.

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I'm pretty into the Netflix comedy specials. Really liked Hasan Minhaj's recent "Homecoming King." Loooooove Bo Burnham's two specials "what." and "Make Happy." (Make Happy is actually a special I'm currently doing a deep dive on. It's so good.) Chelsea Peretti's "One of the Greats," and John Hodgman's "Ragnarok" are good. Also love Maria Bamford's "the Special Special Special" and "Old Baby."

For shows on Netflix, there's a lot. Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, Orange is the New Black, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (even though I'm less into it this latest season).

It's not a Netflix-produced thing, but I just recently saw that The Overnight is on there now for streaming. Highly recommend it!

Posted June 10th by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, and House of Cards are the best ones I've seen. Daredevil season 1, while not as good as Jessica Jones, is pretty good. However, the second season focused too much on Punisher and Elektra imo and Luke Cage started strong, but the main antagonist was weak compared to the other three baddies

Posted June 11th by -Riku-
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