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NIFE v4 and v5 General Progress Report (and maybe checklist?)
Posted: Posted June 10th, 2017
Edited June 16th, 2017 by Xhin

I'm separating out Moonray/Ghowilo's RPG-like requests into NIFE v5 because I'd like to get NIFE v4 features done first.. though there are some things there I've worked on and some features I'm fielding to v4.

Anything green is what the space game needs, so it's my priority right now.

NIFE v4 Plugins

  • Containers -- WIP but unfinished for some reason
  • Vehicles -- I kind of want to be fresh for this, might be done tomorrow.
  • Shops -- Some work done on NOTES

  • Knowledge -- DONE
  • Crafting -- DONE

  • Discoveries -- NOTES are done, should be relatively easy to do

  • Events -- partially in place (death events and almost round events). Need to incorporate it into other auto-actions and maybe build out some panels.

  • Machines -- A giant pile of NOTES done. Tabled for the time being so I can maybe launch the space game? (which doesn't require it)

  • Crops -- the Mines plugin is done, and this is basically just an extension of that.

  • Trackers -- DONE

  • Traps & Character Traps -- Basic notes are done, needs panel/db notework.

  • Voting -- No progress made here

  • Potions -- DONE

  • Auto-Actions update -- Going to avoid this for as long as possible, but a lot of v5 requires it sooo.

    NIFE v4 fixes, small things

    I'll probably go ahead and do all of these as soon as the high-priority stuff above gets done.

  • (M-old) Item-based threads

  • (M-old) Make your own role -- I can do a very basic version of this (duplicate some existing character) and build onto it over time.

  • (M-1) Fix combat so you can't move while in combat

  • (M-2) Add new elements from within the elements panel

  • (M-3) Elements affect item traits, not just character traits

  • (M-6) Sneak fixes

  • (M-8) Cloned items can maybe inherit parent item stats

  • (M-11) Element icons visible elsewhere

  • Better Journals

    NIFE v5 Features (aka the RPG update)

  • (M-4,5) Equipment Plugin -- some conceptual work done

  • (M-7) Theft changes

  • Spells Update -- required for a bunch of v5 features

  • (M-9) Let spells use currency for fuel

  • (M-10) Summon minions, require items or currencies.

  • (M-12) Skills Plugin -- NOTES are done (and looks pretty easy to set up)

  • Quests Plugin -- Some conceptual work done.

  • Status Effects -- Some conceptual work done.

  • The Grid -- NOTES are done.

  • Squads Plugin

  • Alchemy -- Should be feasible now that Potions are done.

  • Advanced Potions -- These are probably contingent on the status effects update

  • Nature -- I kinda know what I want to do with this now.

  • settingsOptions
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    Posted June 10th, 2017 by Xhin


    Posted June 10th, 2017 by Xhin

    Also I've been thinking about starting work on the Genesis Plugin during v5.. This is the thing that you can use to randomly generate rooms, enemies, weapons, etc according to various conditions that you set that affect different things during the generation process.

    Posted June 10th, 2017 by Xhin


    Posted June 10th, 2017 by Moonray

    Basically the version history here is..

    NIFE v1 -- The thing I hosted Vegas Mafia in. Not really good for either mafia or adventure, lots of missing features.

    NIFE v2 -- Nothing more than an upgrade of Adventure. No auto-actions except maybe movement. Better properties system.

    NIFE v3 -- Current version. Like NIFE v2 but incorporates thread templates and automation. Also has a solid Properties system. Can support Manual Host type games, also roleplaying worlds to some extent.

    NIFE v4 -- In progress. Lots of plugins that increase functionality and allow for deeper games with more Auto-actions, automated Combat, NPC talking, etc. Good for puzzles, improvements of old formats, and Maze-type games. At this point NIFE can support all of my various NIFE formats, and do older Adventure formats very well (including with full automation). Can also support "Living Worlds" (which is a specific advertising point).

    NIFE v5 -- Lots of RPG-centric plugins and improvements to v4 features. At this point NIFE can support open world type games, advanced RPG's, and continuous MMORPG's.

    Posted June 10th, 2017 by Xhin

    If I don't get to it during v5 (which is looking like it will be a huge set of features already), then the Genesis plugin would actually be a part of v6..

    NIFE v6 -- Random generation and maybe even procedural generation of worlds, items, etc. At this point a very large project of mine (unrelated to NIFE) becomes possible in NIFE.

    Posted June 10th, 2017 by Xhin


    (M-8) Cloned items can maybe inherit parent item stats

    There's actually an easier way for this -- have prototype items have a little checkbox on the properties list so the update also affects all clones.

    Posted June 13th, 2017 by Xhin

    Works for me :) as long as it does what I want and is easy enough to use I don't mind how you go about it.

    Posted June 13th, 2017 by Moonray
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