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I'm not a doctor, I need some help swallowing my saliva because I can't control my drooling. The fly, black yoshi, everyone, can
you please help me?
Posted: Posted June 9th by weid man

Why is it that whenever I try to take gulps, the muscles/nerves won't pull it down? It's as if it's completely paralyzed: how can I undo this? I don't want to have to rely on to dope on medical marijuana, which I have a legal prescription for, in order to catch sleep? Can the doctor just remove my saliva surgically so I won't have to worry about this problem? I'm still on a feeding tube because all I can swallow is liquids which fall down into my trachea since I had laryncetony surgery three years ago to separate my airway from my esophagus so I won't aspirate ever again. The trachea swallows the liquids for me automatically when it falls into my mouth, because I can't move my tongue fully, I can only move it very little. The right side of my tongue is extremely weak. It's ALWAHS slimy every second of the day: I have anti throat secretion medicine, has my esophagus injected and dilated every few months, but that still doesn't stop the drooling. I need HELP seriously. I thought you guys might know since this is a science related problem that I'm having right now and every day.

There are 2 Replies

I wonder if it would be possible for you to get one of those suction machines that they use in the dentist's office to clear out excess saliva/moisture/other small detritus from your mouth; I feel like that thing would be your best bet if it was even possible to get it.

Posted June 10th by Black Yoshi
Black Yoshi

I have one (actually two) but that doesn't solve the problem because my drooling is CONTINUOUS and involuntary/uncontrollable. I use the suction machine when I can but then my esophagus produces more saliva to come up my threat and onto my tongue and out my mouth.

Posted June 12th by weid man
weid man
Reply to: I'm not a doctor, I need some help swallowing my saliva because I can't control my drooling. The fly, black yoshi, everyone, can
you please help me?

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