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Posted: Posted June 8th by Ghowilo

In another thread you mentioned cayenne was good for depression. I know chocolate is also an anti-depressant. I've been getting into potion making and have been thinking about making an anti-depressant potion so I was wondering what other things have this property.

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Chocolate and cayenne are delicious together. Good choices. Throw in a good dose of omega-3 because almost all of us are deficient in it (and it's a brain anti-inflammatory / has vital brain repair functions). Note that omega-3 fats degrade really really quickly and don't stand up under heat in any capacity, so I'd grind up some walnut powder or something.

When I make herbal potions, I like to stick with three ingredients for maximum efficiency/deliciousness buuut here are some other options:

  • ginseng regrows brain blood vessels and is neuroprotective

  • Chamomile is a very strong neuroprotectant and also has chelating and anxiolytic properties, also treats insomnia (insomnia and anxiety are both linked to depression so it probably helps a lot)

  • Damiana improves mood and like cayenne stimulates bloodflow.

  • Basil alleviates mental fatigue, anxiety, and has other neuroprotective properties.

  • Cinnamon is good for neurotransmitters and helps neurons regenerate. Also helps regulate dopamine levels (particularly good for addiction for this reason). Combining cinnamon and cayenne is probably spicy overkill.

  • Posted June 8th by Xhin


    Posted June 8th by Xhin

    I also stick to the three ingredient rule, not including the liquid base which is typically olive oil or water. I have basil and chamomile on hand, but I used to smoke Damiana to get horny so it's a pretty attractive ingredient. I made a potion with cinnamon not that long ago, so I think I'm good on that for a little while. The other ingredients were chamomile and cloves. I let it sit in the sun for 24 hours and drank it afterwards. It's a traditional recipe meant to prevent curses from affecting you.

    Posted June 8th by Ghowilo

    curses will never affect me

    Posted June 9th by EN

    curses will never affect me

    @EN: Can confirm.

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    Why did Hottest Posts think I was the last person to reply to this?

    Posted June 9th by Moonray

    It said that in Newest Replies too.
    Maybe the site is pre-cog.

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    It confused me because I just made a big ass post about NIFE so there was no way I could've replied here "9 minutes ago" (what it said at the time).

    Edited June 9th by Moonray

    I accidentally posted as you. Also ironically (because I was ghosting you and the post was talking about ghosts).

    Posted June 9th by Xhin

    @Xhin: i really like that card. you should make more for other users.

    edit: why did you give me no attack points?

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    The card I took the template from was a 0/1. Maybe I should have tried to find a MTG maker or something instead of just photoshopping it.

    Posted June 9th by Xhin
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