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Real Life

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Bro life
Posted: Posted June 8th by I killed Mufasa

What's honestly the best way to go out and socialize without a wing man? I feel like I always have to justify why I am at a place. Can't just show up at a bar and have a drink and socialize. I dunno. Is that odd?

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...Honestly, I'm wondering this too. I never have any luck at bars; it seems like everyone's already with someone, and when I strike up a convo I get looked at like I've got two heads. I think they must all meet on Tinder these days and just use the bar as a meetup spot.

Posted June 8th by Pink Peruvian Flying Bear
Pink Peruvian Flying Bear

What's honestly the best way to go out and socialize without a wing man?

Common interest groups are the way of the future man. Whatever you're interested in, there's some get-together happening for it in your area.

Also social networks are a great tool. Agree with someone on facebook -- friend request -- bam, instant friend.

Posted June 8th by Xhin

I can't even get a match on Tinder or any dating site actually. It's all fake profiles.. Plus I wouldn't mind some more male friends too. My primary bro is 3000 miles away.

I am just lonely. I don't even care if I hook up.

Interest groups? How would I do that like locally?

Edited June 8th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

Are you speaking specifically about trying to meet women, or just meet anyone at all?

I've somehow managed to have some luck cultivating a social group by becoming a regular at my local bar. Became friends with the bartenders and some of the other regulars. Ya kinda just go regularly, about the same time each week, sit at the bar itself, and just kinda listen in for the loud people who don't care if people are listening.

The trick is to (somehow) ignore that voice in your brain that goes, "Oh, this is kind of rude."

Otherwise, maybe look up and see if there are any pick up sports games happening around. I made some friends a few years ago joining this group that played pick up soccer on Sunday mornings. (Applicable really only if you're into sports and exercise.)

Posted June 8th by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

Oh, if you're just looking for friends or something, *that* part's a cinch., man. It never fails. Way easier to strike up a conversation based on an interest you're certain someone has; it won't catch you off guard. I go to hackerspaces, and real geeky parties, meet lots of cool people. They had a game of Artemis set up at one party, that was cool.

^^ And I've never been able to cultivate an interest in sports but everyone who ever worked with me in commission sales said it was a flawless icebreaker; fans never *don't* want to talk about it. Even if they don't watch sports they keep tabs on whoever won the local games.

Posted June 8th by Pink Peruvian Flying Bear
Pink Peruvian Flying Bear

Sports is a great ice breaker, but it isn't the only one you can jump into at a bar. You'll see people reading or talking about movies or something.

I have never had much luck with, but primarily because I never ever get to go because the groups I'm interested in only meet at night when I'm working... But it seems like a good source.

Posted June 8th by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

go to a place where people are doing things that you like to do and then talk to them about those things and then if you do that often enough you will probably manage to do those things together and if you do that often enough you might suggest doing other things that you like to do together

concrete example: i go to a rock climbing gym. i started out not knowing anyone there, just climbing by myself. but then i started to see some of the same people again and again, and i ended up talking to people about how to do certain routes and other good places to climb. eventually i became friends with some of them and was invited to go climbing outdoors, which led to more invitations to non-climbing events.

Posted June 9th by EN

you can have some of my friends. i have too many and hell is other people

Posted June 9th by poptart!

Oh, another couple of things:

1. Wear a cool t-shirt, preferably one that's difficult to find. I bought one from a lesser-known cartoonist on Twitter and it never fails that someone asks me about it every time I wear it. Excellent way to meet people.

2. Rock-climbing club is great and doubles as a trust exercise.

Posted June 18th by Pink Peruvian Flying Bear
Pink Peruvian Flying Bear
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