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Wonder Woman
Posted: Posted June 6th, 2017 by Jet Presto

Will try not to get too into it, and any spoilers I'll put in tags, but I got around to seeing Wonder Woman. I quite liked it! I'm still a liiiiiittle iffy on Gal Gadot in the role, but I don't think she's bad in it. (It's hard because my brain always goes to Lucy Lawless, solely because she would have been great in it - Xena.)

I appreciate that it at least tried to give a little more substance in a genre flick, often touching upon the nature of mankind and of war. Structurally, it's solid as well. It has actual discernible acts, with character development (as much as a superhero flick can allow). It balances the serious tone of the main plotline with some well-executed and well-timed comic relief (meaning it has more than Snyder's films, but doesn't over do it like James Gunn). And I probably most appreciated that it is a self-contained story. I don't hate world building, but that is the stuff that tends to bog these films down the most, whenever they have to distract from the central story or characters to introduce new elements that will come into play in a future film. I really loved how much Dr. Poison was able to convey in her eyes, and I think she was my favorite character. The implications to her untold backstory are very much there in her eyes as she reacts to Ludendorf, Chris Pine, or Wonder Woman. I appreciate they don't give away her story either; it's left for the viewer to make assumptions if they want. It's the kind of subtlety that I adore from good filmmakers.

And, I know people are pretty split on Junkie XL's contributions to the musical universe, but I really appreciate that Wonder Woman actually has a musical anthem to identify her with. I really don't understand why there hasn't been more of an effort to create identifiable character tracks...

It's not the best superhero movie I've ever seen, but I enjoyed it quite a lot. Would probably rank it up there overall. Hard to know if Wonder Woman as a character is even more attractive now because of Zack Snyder's universe, which sees Superman as a brooding bro. That Wonder Woman steps in to fill the role of the pure hero, embodiment of all that is good and righteous, who stands by a clear moral conviction is actually really important in this otherwise dark and dreary universe Snyder and Ayer have crafted. This was, in some ways, the Superman movie we haven't gotten yet.

It also feels a bit like Marvel kind of paved the way. It's not hard to see the comparisons to Captain America: First Avenger or Thor. Wonder Woman would have been a hard sell ten years ago, with an origin story that basically had her be created out of clay from several gods and goddesses. (I'm still not really into the New 52/DC Rebirth story of her being the literal daughter of Zeus myself.) Thor was considered something of a gamble when it came out, in large part because of its mythical origins. It kinda took Marvel's success to show Warner Brothers that they could actually embrace a fair chunk of her backstory.

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I can appreciate that Snyder and Ayer both tried to make..."unique"... superhero films prior to this, but I think Wonder Woman highlights that sometimes, you just really need a solid structure and a cohesive perspective. Doing too many weird things, jumping from story element to story element regardless of how it fits, too much Christ imagery without character development, all ultimately winds up making Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad feel disjointed (to various degrees - Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman are substantially worse at this than Man of Steel). So while structurally, it might be "more boring" and "traditional," it's also solidly built and has a more unified vision. It makes for a more enjoyable film. There's still room to experiment, but doing the basics well is a good starting point.

Posted June 6th, 2017 by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

Gal Gadot publicly approves of killing Palestinians so I will be boycotting this one

Posted June 6th, 2017 by Burrito Grand Master
Burrito Grand Master

Yeah, I liked it. Thought the opening was weak (I generally enjoy world building, but the cheesy narration and Amazon characters just didn't resonate with me at all), but it gradually picked up steam once she reached London. Gal Gadot performed better than expected, and she had excellent chemistry with Chris Pine.

Ending devolves into bit too much of a CGI fuckfest (as most of these movies do), but it also wasn't as bad as, say, BvS. Way too much speed ramping for my liking in the action too.

The No Man's Land scene was fantastic, though. Can't remember the last time (if at all) I've ever felt adrenaline pumping through me like that during a superhero movie.

Still have zero interest in the upcoming Justice League movie, but I'm definitely on board for a Wonder Woman sequel. It's just refreshing to get a superhero doing heroic shit, and not moping about it, despite the dour setting (although I thought they actually balanced it really well, surprisingly).

I really don't understand why there hasn't been more of an effort to create identifiable character tracks...

I agree! It's a recurring motif that can really energise a scene, and weave a bit of personality into a film through audible cues. Makes you wonder why it's been such an ignored concept by both studios, because a memorable score can make a huge difference to the tone and impact of a movie (especially in this case, when they revolve around such iconic characters).

Posted June 10th, 2017 by Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

I kinda wanted more in the beginning with the Amazons. I like that world, and love the mythical nature of them. Would have enjoyed exploring that a bit more. (It would be awesome if they ever just did, like, an Amazon prequel that features them in a world occupied by the Greek gods all around Earth and showing the war with Ares.) As it stands, I thought it was fine, but not quite developed enough.

I also agree with your take about Gadot and Pine. I said I'm still a li'l iffy on her in the role, but she and Pine definitely did have a good chemistry on screen, and that went a long way.

The Justice League movie still seems like it's going to be...a mixed bag. I'm maybe more interested now that Joss Whedon is more involved, and because of Wonder Woman. I am really drawn to those characters who try to be a "light in the darkness," and that's one of the contexts that makes them work the best. So I think knowing she's a part of that world now inherently makes me a bit more interested than if she had been dark and brooding like Superman... But yeah, little in the ways of expectations.

Posted June 10th, 2017 by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

Some quick points because I'm just not willing to type out a huge post right now:

  • I liked the way that Gal Gadot looked as WW more than I thought I would (from the bit I had seen, I though she would look too skinny).

  • A lot of the scenes seemed rushed to me. Though it was already a long movie, so I kind of understand.

  • The cinematography seemed somewhat brutish to me.

  • I generally got a kind of weird sci-fi B-movie vibe from a lot of it. Which I understand is not exactly unexpected in a comix moovie, but I generally didn't appreciate it here.

  • Objectively the best DCCU product, though that's not saying a lot.

  • Posted June 10th, 2017 by nullfather
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