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Hit me with your best snot

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@Pink Peruvian Flying Bear
Posted: Posted June 2nd by King Frog

Blast from the past:
Aerobears, or Ursa aeris,are strange, ursine creatures adapted to the air rather than land. At one time it is believed that they lived on land, but took to the air to avoid the adverse effects of Rollage. They have a terrible allergic reaction to jello, and thus cannot be anywhere near the Jello Sea for long periods of time. They look like bears but are larger and rounder, possessing air pockets inside their bodies to aid in flight. Their bones are hollow, like birds. They have five small wings - two on each side, and one in the middle that helps them to turn. They have a wide range of coloration, the most common variety being blue, and the rarest variety being pink.

Their diet consists primarily of Tetraglides, and occasionally raw Luminous Ether. After having consumed Luminous Ether, they glow in the dark for 4-6 hours. They are also smarter than your average bear.

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