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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Moderated by: Jet Presto
Expanding my physical music collection.
Posted: Posted June 1st by nullfather

Recently, I decided to start expanding my physical music collection again. Previously, I had bought a few vinyls, and that was neat, but it didn't really click with me. However, I started looking into my options again and I've discovered something much better:

Cassette tapes.

Being into the extreme metal subculture like I am, I don't know why this hadn't occurred to me yet. But it's perfect for my purposes.

1. They're cheaper than vinyl.
2. They're almost always done in smaller runs than vinyls.
3. They're easier to transport, handle and store.
4. The murkiness and hissing of tape is better for the sound of metal than vinyl crackling.
5. Due to having a different aspect ratio than CDs/vinyl, it's very probable that they have different cover art. It's also common for them to have exclusive art inside.
6. Culturally, they're just much more relevant to the extreme metal scene than vinyl.

They definitely are more transient than vinyl, with a life expectancy of about 30 years. However, I am primarily investing in them as a cultural statement - having the tape itself, the exclusive artwork, etc. as a link to that subculture is what matters to me most. All of these albums have digital versions that I listen to and I eventually want to rip the tape versions to preserve the more unique tape audio. As far as keeping the tape itself listenable, it's not my top priority. I obviously want to keep them in as good of a condition as I can, so I won't be throwing them around or leaving them in hot cars, but the transient nature of the tape is not a large problem for me.

So, after determining these things, I've started ordering tapes from all over the place. Here's what I have so far:

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I'm really liking my latest arrival, even though the seller said that it's mint condition when it's actually VG+.

Antediluvian - Logos. Limited run of 100 promotional cassettes that were sold at festivals before the official release. J-card is actually a folded mini-poster; band pic featured on reverse. The tape was dubbed in real time for better-than-factory quality, featuring raw pre-master audio. Hand-lettered, hand-assembled packaging. Same program repeats both sides for seamless album experience.

Edited Wednesday by nullfather

Oh man, I haven't listened to a cassette tape in about 20 years.i don't even have a cassette player anymore.

Keep in mind that cassette tape is susceptible to electro magnetic damage so keep them away from most electronics or your music will get wiped out.

Posted June 6th by Q

Yeah, I need to get some kind of storage containers for them. Somewhat quirky, but I was actually thinking of keeping them in army surplus steel ammo boxes. Instead of paying $20 for a plastic rack, I could pay $20 or less and get a steel box that I know is going to last longer than the damn tapes themselves are probably going to.

The thematic appropriateness in keeping death metal tapes in an ammo can also appeals to me...

Posted June 6th by nullfather

Don't leave these cassettes in your car on a hot summer day. Or do, if you like the sobering sound.

Posted June 6th by mariomguy
What up, 1-up

I haven't even listened to a CD in about 7-10 years.

Posted June 7th by Q

I still listen to CDs as my main source for music in my car. I fear cars will stop putting CD slots in cars, though, as stats show a very small percentage of people use them.

Posted June 7th by Vandy

My wife's 2015 Durango doesn't have a CD player in it. However my 2015 Jeep Compass does.

Posted June 7th by Q

I threw away all my old CDs a few months back. The only outdated form of media I can stomach is books

Posted June 7th by S.O.H.

Oh man, I haven't listened to a cassette tape in about 20 years
I haven't even listened to a CD in about 7-10 years.
The only outdated form of media I can stomach is books

Not sure these are for listening so much as they're for collecting. And really, it looks like a pretty fine collection.

Posted June 7th by KnokkelMillennium

>Not sure these are for listening so much as they're for collecting. And really, it looks like a pretty fine collection.

Yeah. Like I said, actually listening to them is a secondary concern, though I do want to rip them eventually.

Posted June 7th by nullfather

Here's one of my new additions: Qrixkuor - Three Devils Dance.

The cover art did not lead me astray. Surprisingly legit caverncore DM from London. Didn't get this for cool extras or limited run shenanigans. It's just good death metal.

Posted Wednesday by nullfather
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