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I think I'm officially giving up on this new DnD character
Posted: Posted June 1st by Cetasaurus

It's my second attempt at making one and joining a DnD campaign. This campaign is supposed be loosely based on old viking times.

I'm literally just typing the opening monologue from How to Train Your Dragon into my backstory. Susurrous would be so proud.

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I'm straight-up plagiarizing the entire movie now.

Posted June 2nd by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

My sister's husband plays this game with his friends every Wednesday after he return home from work.

Posted June 2nd by weid man
weid man

My dragon better be a chinese red comet.

Posted June 2nd by S.O.H.

@weid, that's pretty neat.

@SOH, I don't know what that is?

Posted June 2nd by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

I was certain it was a dragon breed from harry potter.

Posted June 2nd by S.O.H.

Chinese Fireball?

Posted June 2nd by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

there we go

Posted June 2nd by S.O.H.

I looked it up haha. I would have had no idea otherwise.

Posted June 2nd by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

I played DnD over group voice chat with a few people from a groupchat I'm in last year. It was really, really fun. I still get ideas for random characters.

Posted June 2nd by Agis in the US
Agis in the US

I struggle with DnD because it's hard for me to manage a conversation in which there are more than two participants (I have a disability). So if my character isn't stupid-easy to play, and somewhat similar to me, I'd do exceptionally poorly. This makes character-building a somewhat anxious and limiting process, as I start to worry about these things.

Alternatively, I'm just not that creative haha.

Posted June 2nd by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

I actually played DND for the first time ever a few days ago and it's pretty fun, I was a little taken aback by how creative and quick-witted you need to be. I enjoyed it but I'd definitely enjoy it even more after some more experience with it.

Posted June 2nd by Speed Bike Pro
Speed Bike Pro

D&D is one of my favorite games--I was introduced to it in high school and got reconnected with it when I graduated college. Rarely do I laugh harder than when something absurd is happening in that game, which is often.

I have so many ideas for characters that I'll never have a chance to actually play haha. It's to the point that I actually wouldn't mind dying in some games just so I can try something new.

Edited June 2nd by white lancer
white lancer
Reply to: I think I'm officially giving up on this new DnD character

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