NIFE: Kindof update
Posted: Posted June 1st, 2017 by Xhin

This is a purely technical update, but it forms the backbone for many v4 NIFE features.

  • Characters and items can be cloned -- this transfers ALL of their properties, property values, and things like whether they're dead/hidden, etc.

  • This allows you to for example create prototype items and characters and then clone them as needed in the host panel (currently supported) or through machines, shops, events, etc.

  • Cloned items/characters also store the thing they're cloned from -- this lets you for example make relationship barriers openable based on the "kindof" item -- so you can have three green keys and any one of them can open the passageway.

    Systems this update will be useful for

  • Shops

  • Powerups

  • Crafting

  • Crops

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