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Posted: Posted May 31st by Fox Forever

I know this is drunjk but to hell with it. Anyone smoke or ingest pot? Have any experiences?

I had edibles nearly a year ago first and can't do that shit. I've threw up the first time because they were too potent (also I had too many and didn't know they were edibles). Can't really stand the smell since.

Smoking it was way easier and feels more chill but I just started this month. My girl surprised me and bought 4 oz for us. Even though it's legal I keep it in a mason jar just so nobody gets wise because it's still taboo shit. I still smell hints in my room lingering. I've not smoked enough to be totally out of my body, just enough to be relaxed.

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I've tried edibles and smoking... but I usually just fall asleep.

Posted May 31st by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

After I smoke I'm very much awake for an hour or two. When I ate edibles all I wanted to do was sleep and be done with it.

Posted May 31st by Fox Forever
Fox Forever

Interesting. I haven't had much experience with either. I've kinda missed my window too! I lived where it's legal until about a week ago.

Posted May 31st by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

Still illegal here and will probably stay that way for a long time.

Posted May 31st by Xhin
Ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery

I don't smoke it. Personal preference. I prefer Cigars.

Posted May 31st by S.O.H.

I'm one of those smoke weed every day, multiple times a day type of people.

Posted May 31st by Ghowilo

i love it. i haven't smoked in like a year though.

Posted May 31st by poptart!

i love it. i haven't smoked in like a year though.

This exactly. Love it, but haven't had any since last March or so.

Posted May 31st by Jahoy Hoy
Jahoy Hoy

I just started smoking it again because I can't swallow my own saliva and. I other medicine works, so I have to rely on pot to dry out my mouth. I'm medically prescribed 24/7 even nurses are allowed to give me pot during the day and night. I'm started to become addicted though because this is my second dose of the day and it isn't working now, so I'll need to have another one before I go to sleep.

Posted May 31st by weid man
weid man

I'm sorry about your struggles, weid. Out of curiosity, for medical purposes, do you smoke it, vape it, or ingest an oil?

Posted June 1st by Ophelia

Honestly, pot isn't all that fun for me. Some of my first experiences were neat in that I remember food tasting realllllyyy good. This doesn't happen any more, though, and I don't get the munchies (regardless of sativa/indica). I only vape now (feels "cleaner," less foggy), and rarely -- pretty much exclusively for anti-nausea (works almost all the time), pro-sleep (works sometimes), and anti-terrible sex drive (works now and then). I don't like doing it in social situations; makes me withdrawn.

Fox Forever, your girl sounds very nice. :P

Posted June 1st by Ophelia

Thanks! She wanted me to experience it, I think it's a sweet thing. So far I've enjoyed it these first few times.

Posted June 1st by Fox Forever
Fox Forever

My parents ingest in oil I believe. They inject it into my feeding tube like they do for my nutrition since I can't swallow solids. I can only swallow soft substances/liquids.

Posted June 1st by weid man
weid man

My mom said that she (and my dad and nurses) ingest it oil, which gets mixed with nutrition and goes directly into my feeding tube because I can barely move my tongue at all because the muscles and nerves are very damaged.

Posted June 1st by Weed man
Weed man

"pretty much exclusively for anti-nausea (works almost all the time)"

holy shit, i feel nauseous every morning to the point where i usually can't even eat breakfast. i'd never even considered this

Posted June 1st by poptart!

I know someone who has my condition who does it vape. I smile weed to help me go to sleep because I cannot even swallow my saliva to stop all of the drooling.

Posted June 1st by Weed man
Weed man

Yeah, it really is basically foolproof for nausea. :) Sometimes I'm so nauseous that I'm like, there's no way this will work, but it always does.

@weid man
I'm sorry. That sounds unbelievably difficult. I'm guessing it's a CBT blend oil? My very enthusiastic stoner friend is always talking about the benefits of CBT.

Edited June 2nd by Ophelia
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