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NIFE: Upcoming new entity types and new item types
Posted: Posted May 31st, 2017 by Xhin

Just storing some miscellaneous ideas for new features I've had here.


  • Vehicles (covered elsewhere)

  • Machines (currently WIP)

  • Shops -- I'm separating these from Machines because they have totally different goals. Shops let you buy or sell items, minions, and vehicles. They can be inside a room, but they can also be attached to Characters or Vehicles, allowing you to upgrade them more directly (you can also buy stat upgrades).

  • Crops -- Interact with these to get one or more of a specific item. Crops have a "grow time" that determines how many rounds it takes for them to regenerate.

  • Chests -- Hold some number of items. If they're open, you can retrieve items from them and see their contents on the room description. If they're closed, you have to open them to see all that. They can also be locked / you can use a "key" item to open them. They can also have a character barrier instead of a lock -- in which case you have to fight the character to be able to open the chest.


  • Powerups (covered elsewhere)

  • Stealth Weapons -- deal more damage when you're stealthed

  • Lens -- Reveals one or more properties/stats of a character. Can also reveal their items.

  • Mind controller -- Makes a non-player character your minion.

  • Revealer -- Unstealths all characters in the room (doesn't affect characters that are just "hidden" )

  • Tracker -- Attach this to a character or vehicle and then when you use it again you know what room they're in.

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