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In the bare tonight

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What would happen if Neo had taken both of the pills at the same time?
Posted: Posted May 30th by nullfather


There are 9 Replies

He would have barfed, yeah.

Posted May 30th by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8


Posted May 30th by Pirate_Ninja

Ever see a mentos in a Pepsi bottle? Something like that

Posted May 30th by S.O.H.

Maybe he woke up in his bed and believed whatever he wanted to believe except he was also higher than a kite

Posted May 31st by Jo Nathan
Jo Nathan

So... an attempt at a somewhat serious response- I seem to recall them mentioning the red pill was part of a tracer so they could locate his body in the real world. I think. I haven't watched that movie in years.

The blue pill presumably just made him forget everything about his encounter with Morpheus and friends.

If he took both pills, he would probably still forget everything about his encounter with Morpheus and friends but they would also have the option of tracking down his body in the real world. Should they choose to liberate him, the end result would probably be the same except he would be a lot more confused at the beginning and probably need more time to get a grip.

Posted May 31st by Jo Nathan
Jo Nathan

Taking a more esoteric slant on what the pills do, I like the idea that the trauma of fucking with his brain like that causes a personality split, causing him to remain in the Matrix (Morpheus and crew not getting him out can be handwaved as "not being able to get a lock soon enough") but still subconsciously trying to work against it.

In other words, The Matrix turns into Fight Club.

Posted May 31st by nullfather

probably like a speedball

Posted May 31st by poptart!

What would happen if he put both pills up his ass at the same time?

Posted May 31st by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

What if he took half of each?

Posted May 31st by Fox Forever
Fox Forever
Reply to: What would happen if Neo had taken both of the pills at the same time?

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