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Security Vulnerability
Posted: Posted May 25th by Ghowilo

Apparently this site stores and even uses old passwords. I had to edit a post and my current password kept coming back as wrong password, but my old pastries worked. Could be related to last year's hacks.

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It's probably because of the weird way accounts and usernames interact.

You have an account password. This is used to log you into your account, which can have many alt-names stored under it.

Each alt-name also has its own password.

If you change your account password, but not your username password, then you'll still be able to edit posts using the old username password.

Go into your User CP, Altnames section, change their password, and update your Ghowilo username password so it is in sync with your account password.

Posted May 25th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

Okay 1 second ill need to sign out after to make sure it worked. This will be the reply I edit.

Okay, that fixed it. Thank you.

Edited May 25th by Ghowilo

but my old pastries worked.

Someone has been watching too much Baking with Dooku.

Posted May 25th by Moonray

It's this damn update. They forced me to upgrade my Android from Marshmallow to Nouget (that's not a typo) and it makes sooooo many mistakes when I'm typing and it's not learning like it did with Marshmallow.

Posted May 25th by Ghowilo

They really have screwed something up in these recent updates. Typing on my phone seems far less accurate than it used to be.

Posted May 25th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

My Phone Occasionally Forces Me To Type Everything Like This For No Reason

Posted May 25th by Xhin
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