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NIFE: Sparring System Done
Posted: Posted May 24th, 2017 by Xhin
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This engine adds a MASSIVE AMOUNT of functionality to NIFE, which will probably make more sense once you guys test it out during the Test Game.

  • You can either start a new battle with someone or resume an old battle here. Starting a battle goes ahead and lets you do the first attack, and if you're attacking a player it sends them an alert.

  • If you're in a battle, you can switch to a different battle. It'll say who's turn it is.

  • You can flee the battle and come back to it later. (or switch to it from another battle). This will let you start new battles.

  • Against something called a "Punching Bag", it's always your turn. Against a Player, you have to wait some amount of time (24 hours in this case) for them to respond before you can take their turn for them.

  • Here you have a checkbox where you can take the player's turn for them.

  • Against an NPC, you always have this box during their turn and don't have to wait or anything.

  • When you make an attack, the list of items shows how much it costs your mana, your health, or how much ammo it uses out of your available ammo (ex-- the gun has 8 ammo and an attack takes 1 ammo to do it). It also shows the amount of base damage that the attack does.

  • Players have stats due to this system (I'll get to them in a bit).

    Combat Calculations

    There's quite a bit that goes into combat calculations:

  • Mana costs, health costs, and ammo costs are calculated. Health costs can totally kill the attacker and trigger their own Death Events.

  • The weapon's base attack is added to the attacker's base attack. Then all the Attack Boost items are summed together.

  • This attack then goes up against the defender's defense, which is the character's defense stat plus the sum of all of their Defense Boost items.

  • Whatever's left from that, if the defender has any active shields, they'll absorb the damage. If there's 50 damage coming your way at this step and you have two 10-shields, then both of them will absorb 10 damage apiece and there will be 30 damage left over. If the shields aren't active, they won't work, also if the weapon has the "Pierce Shields" ability, it'll bypass the shield step entirely.

  • After the Shields, the remainder of the damage measures the weapon's properties up against the defender's properties. There's an Elements system in place that lets you, for example, make Swords that have the "Fire" element and do 2x damage against Characters with the "Plant" element. Elements allow damage to be doubled, reduced, nullified, or even absorbed as health.

  • Once you get that damage calculation, it finally gets subtracted from the defender's health. If they reach 0 health or lower, the character dies and triggers Death Events.

  • This little panel is part of your NIFE User CP, and if you have any Shields in your inventory, it will show their Shield amount, the "full" value of them, and let you activate or deactivate them at will.

    This set of things is where some of the weapons get more interesting.

  • "Detonate" lets you use Bombs, which are attacks that affect *everyone* in the room. Elemental, cost, Shields, etc calculations are still performed each time. Bombs might also be normal weapons, so they have a separate "Bomb Damage" stat that dictates how much Damage they do as bombs.

  • If you "Throw" something like a Spear at another player, then it does the "Spear Damage" stat amount of damage. Note that this is also separate -- as you can see from before where the spear does 1 point of damage normally, but 10 if thrown. Throwing an item at them does the damage, but you also lose the item and it goes into the defender's inventory, so keep that in mind.

  • Lastly you can "Reload" weapons that use ammo through other items you might pick up known as "Ammo Boxes". Once you do that the Ammo Box is removed from your inventory and your weapon's Ammo goes up. Ammo Boxes can be tied to specific weapon types.. for example the "Pistol Ammo Crate" only works with weapons that are Pistols, while "Rifle Ammunition" would only work with rifles.


    So yeah this update adds a bunch of new features. You guys will be able to test it soon. Any questions?

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