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NIFE: Sparring system changes to be aware of
Posted: Posted May 20th, 2017 by Xhin

This system is on task and I'll probably have the pre-polish features of it ready tonight. Here are some changes I've made, as well as things that are likely to happen because I found easy ways to implement them:

  • Boost Health and Boost Mana don't work anymore. There's not a good way to implement them right now.

  • Elemental effects don't stack -- having both absorb and resist just reduces damage output to 1.

  • Elemental effects can be custom set however -- so you could make Fire do Quadruple damage to Aliens for example easily.

  • You can be in more than one battle at once but can only do actions for one of them at a time -- you have to use the "Switch Battle" action to switch battles.

  • You get an alert when another character attacks you. Then you wait the wait time (24hrs hardcoded right now) and they can take your turn for you. When they attack you again you get an alert again.

    New features (very likely this update)

  • Bombs -- these are weapons that calculate their costs first and then can hit everything in the room for the Damage amount. They don't start engagements at all and have a separate auto-action entirely. Players hit by a Bomb get an alert about it though. Bombs can optionally not affect the person using the Bomb.

  • Ammo -- weapons can have "ammo" and "ammo cost" stats. When that weapon is used, it loses the ammo amount. If it runs out you can't use the weapon anymore

  • Powerups -- special items with the "Item Powerup" or "Character Powerup" trait. When they're in the room you're in or in your inventory you get a Combat auto-action:

  • use [list of character powerups] on [character in room/yourself]
  • use [list of item powerups] on [items you own]

    These alter stats based on the stats they have.

    Powerups with traits (other than anything with "Powerup" in its name) an only affect characters or items with the traits it has -- so you could make Stim Packs that only work on Humans for example. Same deal with Ammo Crates for specific types of weapons -- there's at least a Hosting convenience panel for this.

  • Grenades -- also bombs but with the "Grenade" trait -- these can be thrown into adjacent rooms. Again, separate Combat Auto-Action.

  • Spears -- Items with "Throw Damage" stat. Use a special auto-action to throw this at someone, and it won't calculate costs or ammo and will do the Throw Damage amount to them, but will give them the weapon. Also doesn't affect engagements, but alerts players.

    Spears don't have to be weapons -- you can chuck like tools and stuff that you can't use as weapons.

  • Stealth Damage -- a stat that makes a weapon do this much damage if you're stealthed.

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