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NIFE: Upcoming Events update
Posted: Posted May 20th, 2017 by Xhin

The sparring system is going very well now, and I've found an easy way to do Events (for character death events), so I'm going to go ahead and incorporate it into other things as well, including probably the Traps update.

Events can be attached to

  • Attacking a specific character

  • Killing a specific character

  • Picking up a specific item

  • Moving FROM a certain room

  • Moving TO a certain room

  • Throwing an item into a specific room

  • Throwing a specific item into a room

  • Throwing a specific item into a specific room

  • Interacting with Machines (when that update happens)

    Global Events

    Hosts can also set Global events to trigger, from:

  • Attacking ANY character

  • Killing ANY player

  • Killing ANY character

  • Moving rooms in general

  • Throwing items in general

  • When the round changes through any means (Hosting intervention or Automatic round changeover)

    Events Triggered

    Events can happen one time and never again, or they can happen infinitely.

    I've covered a bunch of events elsewhere and I'd like to really flesh out this feature. Here's some of the new ones you can do though:

  • Resurrect a dead character to their max health -- this will be attached to all characters in the Arena Test game do I don't have to intervene at all

  • Add (Stat gain) amount to all characters (or maybe just Players) that have that Stat -- useful for health/mana recovery

  • add (Stat gain) amount to a specific character's Stat -- useful for the Braaains game so the zombie lord can gain Brains each turn.

  • Recover all items with a specific Stat by the Stat gain amount -- useful for shields, could be useful for ammo as well.

  • for all players that are dead, resurrect them and move them to a room named "Purgatory" -- part of how I'd like to run my games

  • Move all players from Purgatory to a random room with the "Genesis" trait -- the other part. This happens first so it takes in between 1 and 2 rounds for players to come back to life.

  • Recover stealth for all characters -- this in already in place, but rather than it being exclusively triggered on round change it can be triggered by other things.

  • Go to the next round -- could be useful. This will also trigger round change events.

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