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Posted: Posted May 20th by Ghowilo

This is Helius. I'm not sure if I somehow was smuggled into his account or if he is playing around.

What I do know is that I'm on a public cellular tower. Will be logging out of his account from here. I will not be able to answer specific questions until Monday when I get back from Iowa.

@Ghowilo: Didn't change anything

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Weird. Did you drive through Alabama on your way to Iowa? Specifically near the south east corner with Florida and Georgia?

Posted May 20th by Ghowilo

That's weird, it's probably some public IP that Ghow never logged out of.

Posted May 20th by Xhin

I'd complain about the dumb way in which you handle logins but I feel like a broken record at this point...

Posted May 20th by Moonray

I agree with redack fwiw

Posted May 20th by Ghowilo

Nope. I was in Farmington, Iowa. Decided to check this place from my phone since I had cell service. Then I was you. That was a very confusing situation to be honest. Figured that you and Xhin would like to know

Posted May 21st by Helius

Is that near Des Moines? Because that would explain it. I was there Christmas of 2012 with my ex.

Posted May 22nd by Ghowilo

Did you look at all my alt-names *horrified*

Posted May 22nd by Ghowilo

you should boot every one off all Ips to be safe.

Posted May 22nd by S.O.H.

He should just make it so that only 1 ip address is able to access an account at all time, that ip address being the latest to log in. Or try to use Mac addresses instead if that's possible.

Posted May 22nd by Ghowilo

Or at least give us the option to "log out of all devices"

Posted May 22nd by Ghowilo
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