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Game 0: Gameover Thread
Posted: Posted May 15th, 2017 by Moonray

And so it came to pass, that a final showdown between Engineer Dooku and Prisoner_Ninja did occur in the Hangar Bay... Prisoner_Ninja rolls a flashbang into the Hangar, immediately disorientating and stunning Dooku. He follows this up with haste by charging in and firing his rail driver at Dooku, instantly killing him with a headshot.

With it's controller dead, the hacked AI reverts to standard operations and releases its override on the Hangar Bay doors allowing them to be opened once more. PN enters the shuttle, already occupied by Ensign Weid and begins to pilot them to freedom... Feeling a minor pin prick on his buttocks, but ignoring it, he feels like he is forgetting something... A moment too late he realises Captain Nathan is still on the main ship!

It is as he tries to turn the shuttle that he begins to feel the effects of the knockout gas trap that Dooku planted. A needle hidden in the pilot's seat having injected him with it rather than distribute it via the air.

And so ends the battle between the humans and aliens, as an inactive Ensign Weid watches an unconscious Prisoner_Ninja slowly drive them into outerspace... One can only hope when he awakens he is able to chart a course home!



Your aliens for this game were Count Dooku and Xhin!

Apologies for the parts of the game where I took longer than usual to update rounds.

From a hosting perspective this was easier to do than usual, however I set myself up for failure by not providing enough items to loot with auto-actions. I also think we definitely need that automated-combat that Xhin is working on.

Anyway leave feedback here :)

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@Moonray: I closed the active game. All threads should now be visible to everyone, going back all rounds.

Posted May 15th, 2017, Round 0 by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Honestly I'm going to chalk that up as a win for the Aliens.

Posted May 15th, 2017, Round 0 by Count Dooku

I closed the active game. All threads should now be visible to everyone, going back all rounds.

Yea I was going to ask you about that. I wasn't 100% sure what closing a game did to know if I should have done it or not :P

Posted May 16th, 2017, Round 0 by Moonray

what, you want me to steer after I had to go track down that stupid destination programming? :J

...which I totally should have seen when I walked by, but I think I was in a rush at the time and didn't think to look there after getting the "your action changed something elsewhere on the ship" message. I'd thought it might have done something in the hangar bay.

the alien thread was an interesting read, some good scheming went on there - I'm curious what Dooku's plans were once he went solo. Also horrified to learn that you apparently had remote control of the ship's AI. And to think, I was worried that you were going to fix the AI and make a break for the repaired shuttle because the server room is juuuuust close enough.

Also worth pointing out that PN has some kind of shield that's preventing fatal combat damage. Not sure how we would kill him (emp blast the shield maybe?)
ol' Commander Shepard's belongings included a shield, which Xhin's attack destroyed

(and for the record, despite never having played Mass Effect I knew enough to chuckle when I found the "this is my favorite store!" holorecording, so consider that appreciated)

also I like the sound of the sneak revisions that were discussed in the alien thread (particularly the "visible in room, but can hide yourself until you move"). It was kinda lonely and even a bit frustrating that after a few rounds everyone was practically invisible. The commlink helped somewhat (at least for people who used it), but the automatic "People Here" list that seemed really cool at the start of the game was virtually useless after a few rounds.

half the reason I killed Xhin was because I was 99% sure he had all the key items I was missing, but trying the "steal from [player]" function was never an option because he didn't run down his stealth counter. I didn't trust him enough to want to try working with him, but didn't really want to attack someone who might be human.

Posted May 16th, 2017, Round 0 by Pirate_Ninja

Yea got the impression that sneak had broken the game a bit because no one could see each other. I think that was the point where I added the commlink to try and get past that but people didn't seem to use that much.

Posted May 16th, 2017, Round 0 by Moonray

First let me congratulate P_N for singly-handed winning the game for the Humans.

Addressing the sneak issue if I may:
With the Aliens having the ability to know who the Humans were and for the last half of the game only 2 Humans still active in the game(3 if you want to count P_N playing weids role) sneak was the only way the Humans could stay alive. At the point where Joe Nathan stopped playing and it was down to P_N/weid and myself a thread should have been set up for Humans only to talk, because at this time both Aliens were still alive.

There will probably be a opportunity in another thread to say this but I'll put it here anyway.
Adventure Game has always been my favorite and with all the work that Xhin and Moonray are putting into it, it's only going to get better.

But I'm concerned if it will attract enough active players to make it fun and interesting.

Posted May 16th, 2017, Round 0 by chiefsonny

But I'm concerned if it will attract enough active players to make it fun and interesting.

This was my concern before we even started. As I stated in one of Xhin's threads when he was making NIFE, most of the Adventure players are gone or very inactive on the site. The unfortunate truth is NIFE came too late for it to matter for those people, but hopefully you guys can like bring others in if you know anyone who might be interested.

Posted May 16th, 2017, Round 0 by Moonray

I don't think bringing people in will be a problem to be honest, I think the bigger problem will be getting them to play / not go inactive.

I do think a good "infinite actions for all!"/cooperative format would help with that though -- which is the main The Maze format I'm working on.

Posted May 16th, 2017, Round 0 by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Also horrified to learn that you apparently had remote control of the ship's AI.

I really feel like I under-utilized it. I figured it'd be a game changer but it really didn't do much for me ultimately :P Most of the big ideas like 'drain the oxygen' would have taken like 10 rounds to do.

But also:

It was kinda lonely and even a bit frustrating that after a few rounds everyone was practically invisible.

1000% this. I feel like I actually spent 90% of rounds in rooms by myself. At first because I think everyone went for the more interesting rooms (bridge / servers / etc) while I went to the engines. And then later because everyone was stealthed, and I usually get my actions in right away so I never got to see that they were doing things. After a while it got pretty... boring.


So a few random thoughts that will probably turn out really long.


So you'll read this.

1. I don't know that I like the movement system. I used to hate older games where it took literally two weeks to walk across the station (one room per round, one round every two days). But to me, this game felt like a swing too far in the other direction. I had no hope of keeping track of anyone or knowing where they'd gone. They could be fighting me one round in the hangar and all the way up in the server room the next round.

I feel like, of course depending on the game type, movement should be restricted to 2-3 rooms MAXIMUM. And it should use more 'auto actions' than a standard action.


You have 5 auto actions, it costs 2 to move a room. So you can either stay in your room and have more auto-actions for something else, or move one room and still have a good number of auto-actions, or move two rooms and that'll be about all you can do.

2. Sneak needs a revisit. For one, I'm not sure you should be able to sneak and recover in the same round. That was probably a big part of why everyone remained perma-invisible over 50. As long as you were careful, there was basically no chance you'd ever go under 50. Regaining stealth should probably just be automatic. Maybe give us a little journal note.

Two, I think having everyone disappear over a certain threshold is detrimental to the game. I feel like you should have to use an auto-action to deliberately hide yourself. And that auto-action should not take effect until the following turn. So:

Round 1: Enter Room, visible (unless sneak move)
Round 1: Hide auto-action, still visible
Round 2: If still in room, not listed in players

That way sneak is more for laying traps or eavesdropping on unsuspecting people.

3. I think we need some kind of 'examine' system for players. And I'd like to see it go something like this:

  • All items have their 'owner' description, which is visible to the owner. It tells them everything about the object. This is not examinable via auto-action.
  • Items that the host considers 'visible', meaning if you looked at someone you'd see the object, have a separate description field. This gives a fairly basic idea of what someone has.
  • Items that the host considers 'not visible' don't have a description and won't show up.

    How does this play out?

    I enter a room, and I see PN. I use an auto-action to examine PN.

    PN has:

  • Space Suit, visible
  • Rail Driver, visible
  • Spare change, not visible
  • Sword, visible
  • Keycard, not visible

    I'd get something along the lines of:

    "You see that PN has the following equipment:

  • A basic space suit
  • A projectile rifle
  • A large metal sword"

    I don't get anything about his keycard or spare change, because that stuff is in his pocket/backpack/too small to notice/etc.

    This would also work as a nice complement to the stealing system. If I know that PN has "a basic space suit", I can try to steal a "Space Suit" from PN. The projectile rifle is a little less specific, so I may have to try a few options to get it right.

  • Posted May 16th, 2017, Round 0 by Count Dooku
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