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Constant communication with outside servers on this website
Posted: Posted May 15th by Ghowilo


Is this because of the avatars feature/ads? I'm noticing I'm communicating frequently with a shit ton of outside servers when I load up new pages. For instance, in another tab I'm sitting in the Pointless forum and am communicating with an and cdn.somethingICantQuiteCatch this only happens here what's up with that?

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There's no in any of the mycards on the site. MyCards do use external images.

Are you continuously communicating with them, or just one time when you load a page? If the former then it's definitely not MyCards or anything on the site for that matter.

Posted May 15th by Xhin

No its constant. It stops occasionally but starts back up. I watched this happen for 30 minutes before posting this.

Posted May 15th by Ghowilo
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