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Focus on advertising the site away from the world and politics forum
Posted: Posted April 19th
Edited April 19th by KnokkelMillennium

It is easily the most active forum but in a way it is arguably the most useless and volatile. Sure it's entertaining but it's not particularly good for the site.

It really does tend to devolve into a sort of echo chamber where people kind of just say something and it becomes about "left vs right" or why some decision someone doesn't like is bad with no real proof or reasoning to back it up. There is no real point to discussion there a lot of the time, only an excuse for two sides of an argument to dislike each other and for people making ACTUAL discussion to either be ignored, or not be the focus of the topic which steers the thread.

Imagine being a new person and then coming and seeing some random toxicity or non-discussion going on in that forum. They'd probably be turned off by it.

The focus of the site needs to somehow shift away from there if it is ever going to be good again. In fact I would argue that the world and politics forum should be removed for a certain amount of time to see what the site looks like in comparison now. It may seem like a bad idea but I'd be willing to bet the site would look less unwelcoming.

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Posted April 19th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

^ This comes from the guy who calls me something that's worse than being labeled a sexist in 2017 without any apparent reason and makes a hostile jab upon actually replying because of his misconceptions about what I am saying.

All the more reason that the forum there is a toxic breeding ground and that other forums should be focused on.

Edited April 19th by KnokkelMillennium

This comes from the guy who calls me something that's worse than being labeled a sexist in 2017

I actually didn't call you an MRA, which makes your 3+ reply meltdown all the more perplexing.

You vastly overestimate the amount of attention I pay to what you do or say on this site when you aren't causing trouble.

Posted April 19th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

"I'm not going to indulge the rest of your MRA-shitpost fantasy of devious cabals of women collaborating to destroy the poor menfolk."

Maybe you didn't but even if you didn't call me one you sure as hell came close to doing so. Even if you were only saying I have that mentality, it seems pretty insulting. Especially since I was literally just saying "don't assume without proof". Also, I don't overestimate it, but I do however know that you're saying some irritating and inaccurate shit.

Edited April 19th by KnokkelMillennium

Not even the mentality. Just that you were advancing an argument that I found suspiciously similar to that used by MRAs when it comes to the subject of sexual assault/rape. And that wasn't a rabbit hole I wanted to go down in that thread, because it would have utterly derailed it.

I apologize for the offense, unintended as it was.

Posted April 19th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

I didn't see it as similar because they do much more than just make the point that people should have proof. But whatever I guess. Idk if you're sincere but I'm also sorry for reacting that way. It hasn't been the best day physically or mentally and that probably seeped into some of my posts even though I went to the internet to get over it and avoid trouble until I got over it. Just... I really don't like being compared to or called shit like that at all. Maybe if you made it sound less personal. Specifically say you mean the argument. I guess I understand if that's too much trouble for you though.

Posted April 19th by KnokkelMillennium

I didn't appreciate coming back to a call-out, so I wasn't exactly going for a diplomatic response. I was attempting to be dismissive of your argument, not you. Whatever my failings and biases, I like to think I'm not usually one to assign labels (MRA / racist / sexist / etc) to the people I'm talking with here. Especially given that I don't know most of you well enough to say it with confidence.

Posted April 19th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

out of curiosity what is wrong with being a mens rights activist?

Posted April 19th by S.O.H.

@Dooku ya I suppose but I felt I did it in a more general less personal way. Eh. Well hopefully that's true.

@SOH It's less what it means and more the tendency of the people involved. You can be an mra technically and not be a piece of shit, especially considering there are some legitimate inequalities like prison sentences and arguably child custody. And men-only draft (no one should be drafted though). It's just they don't tend to focus on that and instead tend to focus on their insecurities about women more or less. It took me a while to not actually be offended just at the way "mra" is used but I guess I can understand it.

Edited April 19th by KnokkelMillennium
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