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Visual Studio 2015
Posted: Posted April 9th by mariomguy

Hello! For some stupid reason Microsoft REMOVED Visual Studio 2015 from their downloads page and UE4 only supports 2015 at the moment. They are AGGRESSIVELY pushing everyone to download 2017 which I'm sure is a much nicer program if only it worked.

Is it possible for someone to copy a file or whatever and give me their copy of Visual Studio 2015? Or do I seriously have to wait for Epic to upgrade the engine to use 2017 to package in C++ as intended?

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Ancient, but i'll bump.

This is why people who want stability use open source things like GCC. If your "epic" thing doesn't allow for that, consider switching. If you cannot switch (because of job or something), look for a way out of your situation.

Posted October 10th by Kohlrak
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