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Aliens 0: The Prequel - Commlink: Space paranoids
Posted: Posted April 7th by NIFE

You are currently in the private channel: Commlink: Space Paranoids

There are 7 Replies

So, I'm pretty paranoid. Who else is paranoid?

Posted April 7th, Round 13 by Ensign Xhin
Ensign Xhin

come to think of it, it'd be kinda funny if I just never posted and left you to wonder :J

I'm...pleasantly surprised to have functioning gravity right now.

Posted April 7th, Round 13 by Prisoner_Ninja

Me too. Now that we have automatic actions I can never go back.

Posted April 7th, Round 13 by Ensign Xhin
Ensign Xhin

it'd take, like...literal IRL weeks to get across this map manually, so I wholeheartedly agree

on that note, nice work with the NIFE engine stuff I've seen so far - it's been not only convenient, but effective and pretty intuitive c:

anyway, the main reason I seeeecretly made this was in case we lost automove, so I guess that's not as big an issue as I feared

also because I wanted to see how the feature would work (pretty much as I expected)

also also because I didn't have many productive manual action ideas last round

also also also because I found the name too fitting to go unused

Posted April 8th, Round 13 by Prisoner_Ninja

Me too. Now that we have automatic actions I can never go back.

I tried to think of something of consequence that could come from no gravity because auto-actions make a lot of the old stuff I used to do irrelevant. (Kinda hard to saying "moving is difficult" and then have people still zooming around the place).

In hindsight I think I probably should've maybe said I will reduce it down to like 2 or something.

My biggest mistake this game in terms of auto-actions was I just didn't populate the rooms with enough items (I kinda ran out of time and had to rush it and just figured it's a test game so it didn't matter) which caused people to revert to using manual actions to find items.

Edited April 8th, Round 13 by Moonray

it strikes me as a sensible (albeit inconvenient) solution, I guess. If you're able to temporarily reduce our auto slots, I think that'd work as well without having as much potential for frustration. As far as all that stuff goes, though, it's a system in progress and we're all adjusting to it. You're doing a good job imo c:

there's at least one thing I think I'd change (which I think is likely part of NIFE itself and not the game), but I think it'd be better to discuss that stuff after the game in a public spot where more people can speak freely.


señor Xhin, since it's nice and quiet in here and we're not really doing anything else atm, I was curious if you have any suspicions of who might be an alien.

Posted April 9th, Round 13 by Prisoner_Ninja

Round update will be delayed (went to do it earlier but only one action had been made so didn't seem worth it). Unsure when I will get chance as I am out for most of the weekend, Monday at latest though!

Posted April 21st, Round 17 by Moonray
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