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The Kingdom of Hyrule

What in tarnation?!
King and Queen of Hyrule: Aragni_Darkness
Top 5 favorite games?
Posted: Posted April 3rd by Giga Bytes7

For me:

5. Four Swords Adventures

It's a fun little game, different from the others of course (except probably Four Swords, which I haven't played). I like the infinite bombs, arrows, etc. I rented it a while back and haven't played it since I beat it the first time, but, while a few parts were tricky, none of it seemed overly hard. And you get to kill Vaati in that game.

4. Breath of the Wild

Like I said, ignore my initial review. Once you get the paraglider, the open world thing is fun. The Divine Beasts could get tricky figuring out what to do but I figured them all out on my own. It's also fun cooking stuff and experimenting around with that.

3. Twilight Princess

Decent graphics, fun levels, and some pretty cool items, as well as the Twilight Princess herself (Midna) being one of my favorite characters. Especially thought the Spinner, and the second phase of the Stallord fight was cool. And there's cats! (I love cats)

2. Wind Waker

Also pretty fun to play through. I'm actually playing through it again now (just got all eight Triforce Charts deciphered at once), somehow the dungeons seemed shorter than before (haven't played it for years but I beat Molgera without taking damage). Pretty awesome final fight with Ganondorf, and nothing overly hard except trying to get that bomb into that spot entering Dragon Roost. (Even the four Darknuts went down surprisingly fast, though this could be coz they were attacking each other sometimes)

1. Ocarina of Time

This is mainly for nostalgic value, coz it's my first Zelda game. Fun levels and soundtrack, and nothing OMG hard. (I can always beat Bongo Bongo without taking damage) Also unique death scenes for each boss. (Well, cept Ganondorf, coz he kinda survives, despite some counting his being sealed away as a "death") Again, played through it recently. I loved Breath of the Wild, but I was in the mood for some old-fashioned Zelda after I beat Calamity Ganon.

Other games I've played: Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword, Phantom Hourglass.

NOTE: Hyrule Warriors being an entirely different type of game in an entirely different continuity, I did not count it. If I had, it would be number 1

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Er nevermind I thought this was in the general games board. I'll rewrite it once I'v eplayed enough Zelda games haha.

Edited April 3rd by tnu

Ocarina of Time
Skyward Sword
Twilight Princess

Botw is definitely in my top 5, but I'm not sure where exactly until I beat it. Likely somewhere in the top 3.

I have played majora's mask a bit but I haven't beaten it. So hopefully I'll add that too later this year.

Edited April 3rd by ShadowFox08

Ocarina of Time
Link to the Past
Breath of the Wild
Wind Waker
Twilight Princess.

It's hard for me to say which is my favorite as each one is very different from the other.

Posted April 3rd by Q


Posted April 3rd by Speed Bike Pro
Speed Bike Pro
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