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Xhin is back
Posted: Posted March 30th, 2017 by Xhin
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I mean, I haven't exactly been gone, I've still been doing miscellaneous stuff around the site. But I've been pretty unfocused for the last 8 days and less ridiculously productive this month in general than I was in february.

However I learned (again) that even if my irl goes completely to shit it doesn't matter. What matters is finding a way to make your plan work regardless.

Anyway philosophy aside, here's a little roadmap for the days ahead;

  • Automafia -- I need to start building out the integration framework and interfacing it with all the role stuff I've already created (which works good!)

  • The Channels Feature -- my next project and hopefully the last of the big projects. I have all my notes mapped out for this, and at least there's not anything complicated here, just a lot of work to do.

  • The chat system -- I'm going to heavily simplify my notes for this and focus solely on single chats (or group chats) that you can switch between. This will make the project go up quicker.

  • Quirks -- I think I have a good system for this finally, and it's actually a pretty simple project even if it has the potential to massively improve the site.

    Everything else is on hold (aside from bugfixes and random small features) until these are done, at which point my gtx0 work will focus on improvements and mass advertising.

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    Also when these projects are done is the point at which most of my effort goes into finding a job, and then working whatever its hours are. Whatever money doesn't go into living expenses either gets poured in here (for advertising purposes) or into my other business that I'm finally going to start this year.

    Posted March 30th, 2017 by Xhin
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