What's everyone here's weekly availability? Is anyone *not* around on weekends?
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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Posted: Posted March 27th, 2017 by Katniss_girl_on_fire

Hey guys, long time no see. A lot happening in my life but here's the good news: 17 chapters in book #3 in my "Angel's Blade" series written and chapter 18 is being written now. As for book #2, still gonna try to publish this year but this year has been nutty so far. I might have to push my release date back a bit but, at least my writing is going strong.

bonus news: I got my first check for my first book last month. pretty exciting! I have reached another mile stone in my author career! (Yes, I can officially call it a "career" now!)

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Great to hear! I'm surprised it's taken so long to get a paycheck for your first book since you got it published so long ago. Good luck with whatever lies ahead in your life!

Posted March 27th, 2017 by Laxan
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