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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
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public service announcement
Posted: Posted March 25th, 2017 by poptart!

kill cops

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Posted March 25th, 2017 by nullfather

I'll just link this one since I'm not sure if it counts as "gore" or would be seen as close enough

Edited March 25th, 2017 by KnokkelMillennium

lmao null

knuckles, why are you posting in this forum, you smegma drinker?

Posted March 26th, 2017 by poptart!

Because I can and because your post is blatantly provocative and disgusting so drunk or not, serious or not I decided to mock it!

Also please stop implicating that I drink something on a penis. That's just r00d.

Edited March 26th, 2017 by KnokkelMillennium

lol pnus

Posted March 26th, 2017 by nullfather
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