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"Facts of life"
Posted: Posted March 19th, 2017
Edited March 19th, 2017 by KnokkelMillennium

This is mostly just some line of thought that was floating around in my head earlier today while gaming. (potentially depressive post incoming, although I don't see it as too depressing myself)

To say or think that you are entirely in control of yourself and your actions, that you are not susceptible to outside influence is absurd. Most thoughts you have are at least partly due to your surroundings, your experiences. What makes you, is not you alone. For what would you be without those who helped guide you in a direction? (or alternatively showed you which directions to go against intentionally or not). No matter how much you try to maintain free thought, and individuality outside forces would have had a hand in shaping who "you" are, what you come to think, what you feel. I think many people realize this at some point but either choose to reject it or think very little of it, because it is simply just another "fact of life". These facts of life, we don't question because they are so general. They are so ingrained to the way things have to work that we're wired to simply disregard it because nothing can be done about it.

But when you really think hard about them, you start to realize how fucked up it can be, but again we are wired to disregard it.

Note: I am not a vegan or anything, nor do I encourage it. However, when you think about the fact that we have to constantly be killing, the fact that we slaughter just to eat, the fact that this is so universal, not just humans do this by any stretch of the imagination. And despite supposedly being far above animals, we still follow this tradition to survive. Doesn't it seem a tad fucked up? I know what a tired thing it is to talk on about this, but there is little getting around how fucked up it is. We also sometimes just kill for sport, and this is of course yet another fact of life because once upon a time people had little better to do.

People are starving and going thirsty and dying in some parts of the world while there are more than plenty of resources to go around. We eat and drink unhealthy things largely despite knowing how detrimental it is to our health even if only sporadically. People get addicted to *actually harmful* substances that impair their life so much all because it feels nice for the moments. People kill and people die every single day and despite it supposedly getting better, consider how many killers being locked away or dying, and how many died just for it to get there only for it to still be happening, and yet we still can't figure out what makes people respond this way or how to prevent it.

These and many other things, are simply facts of life. Things we accept because we have to. But should we simply accept it?

Moreover, do we even have the capability to reach beyond these facts of life?

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rly maks u think

But seriously, this was more just expressing thought than trying to be deep. There just are many things that seem wrong, but there's no foreseeable way around them ultimately. It's just thoughtz. But with a twinge of philosophy. Maybe someone would find it insightful, though idk.

Edited March 19th, 2017 by KnokkelMillennium

It might be screwed up, it might be bad to simply get used to it, but we kill millions of bacteria when we breathe. We kill plants when we uproot them in order to eat them. This might be viewed as the Tu Quoque fallacy, but it's necessary to kill in order to survive. Look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Look at how things have to die in order to fulfill every level. Death happens. We cannot survive without killing.

The wrongness lies in enjoying the killing.

Posted March 27th, 2017 by GC/MS
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