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Four new MyCard themes
Posted: Posted March 18th, 2017 by Xhin
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  • Has giant icons like The Grid, arranged at the top
  • Has an area to put in text
  • Can vertically flip the layout
  • Can use dark text
  • Can adjust the background color of the MyCard
  • Can Use Icon Balls


  • Like The Grid, but with two giant icons instead of four
  • Bigger main image
  • You can flip this layout horizontally.
  • Can use Icon Balls


  • Like The Grid, but the giant icons are on either side
  • Can use Icon Balls

    The Caption
  • A large almost-glorious-sized image
  • A small area at the bottom to put some text
  • Can use dark text
  • Can set the MyCard color
  • Can flip layout veritcally

    Have fun!

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    ty xhin :)

    Posted March 21st, 2017 by Susurrous
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