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Mass Effect: Andromeda launch trailer
Posted: Posted March 11th by Orion Nebula

SO CLOSE. Trying to progress as much as I can in Horizon: Zero Dawn while I have the chance, because it'll be going on the backburner the day Andromeda comes out.

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Can't wait for this to release so I can participate on this damn forum again. (Been avoiding it because I really want to go in completely fresh.)

I'm loving Horizon Zero Dawn, so there's a good chance I wind up playing both. Dark Souls 3 has to stay on the backburner though.

Posted March 11th by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

Truly awful choice of trailer music.

Posted March 11th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

Yeah, would've much preferred music from the actual game, but I honestly don't mind it.

Posted March 11th by Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula
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