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Aliens 0: The Prequel -- Main Thread Round 24
Posted: Posted March 5th, 2017 by NIFE
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Welcome, players, to Aliens 0: The Prequel!

This post is for questions about the game & for the host to record the current state of players.

  • Escape in the escape ship.
  • Kill all humans, you lose if they escape.

    Player List
    1. Xhin -- Engineer Xhin -- DEAD
    2. chiefsonny -- Chief Sonny -- DEAD
    4. Count Dooku -- Engineer Dooku -- Alive
    5. Vandy -- Professor Vandy -- DEAD
    6. Pirate_Ninja -- Prisoner_Ninja -- Alive
    7. Helius -- Doctor Helium -- DEAD
    8. Jo Nathan -- Captain Nathan -- Alive
    9. weid man -- Ensign weid -- Alive

    Game Archive
    [Aliens 0: The Prequel - The Bridge]


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    Round 1 Begins

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Moonray
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    Ok so first of all feel free to ask any questions. New players may be confused at first, old players may not understand some of the new systems. This is the post to ask everything you want :)

    Now. The main place you need to be looking is your NIFE User CP. Explore every nano-metre of it because this where all the critical information relevant to your character will be. The quickest way to get there from anywhere on the site is click the blue site announcement, which will remain there until the game ends.

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Moonray
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    So, in case anyone's horribly confused:

  • Your NIFE user CP is kind of your base of operations. It lists the various things you have and the threads you can access.

  • You can move around, take items, etc automatically and instantly.

  • in order to use sneak, you have to be above your sneak threshhold. You can gain sneak through stealth recovery actions and maybe gracious hosts. Every time you make an action while sneaking your stealth score goes down.

  • Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Ensign Xhin
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    Also if anything looks like I screwed up or there's a bug or you think you can access something you shouldn't be able to.

    Please report it. This is the first game on NIFE so any one of those three things could be true :)

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Moonray
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    Another thing regarding items & rooms:

    My style of hosting for Adventure was always to let the game develop on its own. Obviously I create the theme and the initial setup, but I don't want that to be all that there is. I like to reward more inventive players, within reason.

    That remains the same while I am hosting with NIFE. I have given most rooms some items you can pick up automatically, however this is not the only way to get items.

    For example, if you use an auto-action to search a room and find a weapon that's great but it'll just be a generic item (assuming the room had a item in it).

    However if you searched the same room with a manual action for a more specific item, like: "Searches the room for a medical scanner capable of detecting injuries" then I am likely going to award you with that item (assuming it makes sense for it to have been in the room you were searching).

    For this reason you may be "unimpressed" with the items you can find with auto actions. Although some are essential for the objective.

    In a similar way, the rooms current states are not fixed. You are, just as in previous games, able to do things to the rooms and destroy items and block doors, etc.

    Basically what I am saying is, don't limit yourself to what I have initially setup or this will be boring :p

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Moonray
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    How do manual actions work? Are there any limitations? If I say "locks Captain Nathan in a Cryo Pod" will that happen?

    Are actions reset each round?

    I use stealth actions to gain stealth points? So I should do stealth actions whenever possible? If I'm hiding does that mean no one will see me in the room?

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Professor Vandy
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    Manual actions you type something in, and then either during the round (or at the end of the round, depending on how what it was) I type in a response which I believe should be visible somewhere in your NIFE user cp.

    If you try to do something that will affect another player. I use GTX0s dice roll system (1-100 roll) on you both. Whoever gets the higher number wins. If the attacker wins, then the difference between the two numbers determines how successful it is. (that mostly only applies to attack, with your example then a higher number would be enough for success).

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Moonray
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    Actions are reset each round.

    Stealth actions are actions that only you and the host can see. Useful if you want to do something that you don't want others to see :)

    You can only stealth when you have 50 or more stealth (see right below the message box) for how much you have. I am 99% certain I set it so that you recover 10 stealth per round regardless of if you actually use a stealth recovery action.

    Unsure as to if anyone will see if you're in the room. The list of players in each room is automatically generated, so I guess the only way we'll find out is if Xhin comments or if someone tries it :p

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Moonray
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    As it has been asked (this primarily applies to old players who are used to the old systems).

    If you want to move rooms use the auto-action. I will NOT do any move actions that are in manual actions.

    You can move as many times as you have actions. So at the start of a round that's 5. If you use auto actions for other stuff then you are making a "strategic" decision not to use them for movement.

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Moonray
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    For the players who are aliens:

    I updated the description of your alien trait to mention who the other alien is. I meant to include that to start with but forgot :P

    Posted March 10th, 2017, Round 1 by Moonray
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