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Aliens 0: The Prequel -- Thread for Ghosts
Posted: Posted March 4th
Edited March 21st by NIFE

Welcome to the Ghost thread!

People here:
People Allowed Here: ,

There are 20 Replies

Round 1 Begins

Posted March 10th, Round 1 by Moonray

Host Message

All manual actions have been updated. View your journal for details.

The current round will end in roughly 3 hours time (probably 3pm UTC at the latest). If you wish to use your remaining actions for this round, get them done before then.

Posted March 12th, Round 1 by Moonray

Host Message

Due to questions about OOG I have now setup (and you can test) a sort of in game OOG.

Every character now has a commlink and by default you are on channel 1. There are four public channels, in order to swap channel you must use ONE manual action. You will then swap channel at the end of the round.

You may also create private channels. To do so just say something like "Creates private channel Alpha" (name must be unique). To share access to a private channel use a manual action to share access. Anyone with access can share access, so be careful who you share with.

You may only be in one Public Channel at a time, however for hosting simplicity you may be in multiple private channels at the same time.

Please post any questions in the Main Thread.

Posted March 12th, Round 1 by Moonray


Please could you test that you can access all the new threads (Alien and Commlink). They work differently to room threads so I just want to be sure Xhin has it setup properly for ghosts :)

Posted March 12th, Round 1 by Moonray

Round 2 Begins

Posted March 12th, Round 2 by Moonray

Looks like Xhin is doing some... calibrations.

Posted March 12th, Round 2 by Ghowilo

Round 3 Begins

Posted March 14th, Round 3 by Moonray

I don't see aliens or commlink.

Posted March 14th, Round 3 by Ghowilo

Round 4 Begins

Posted March 16th, Round 4 by Moonray

Remember to check your journal every round for important information. Major events from the previous round will appear in the current round of your journal. (So the major event from the end of Round 3 should currently appear in your journal for Round 4).

Posted March 16th, Round 4 by Moonray

There will be a 1 day delay on the round ending. I will try to update manual actions before then but deadline will be 3pm (BST, that's UTC+1) tomorrow.

Posted March 18th, Round 4 by Moonray

Round 5 Begins

Posted March 19th, Round 5 by Moonray

Round 6 begins

Posted March 21st, Round 6 by Moonray

Edited March 21st, Round 6 by Moonray

Important Update

After observing how the game runs on NIFE I have decided to add an additional win/lose condition.

  • Do NOT allow any aliens to escape with you.

  • If one or both of you escapes on the escape ship (with or without the humans) then the humans will automatically lose.

    I believe there are sufficient objects and abilities in the game world that this is still a balanced option. If you wish to discuss this change please post objections/concerns/thoughts in the main thread.

  • Posted March 21st, Round 6 by Moonray

    What's the point of the dead thread?

    Posted March 21st, Round 6 by Professor Vandy
    Professor Vandy

    There's two dead roles.

    Ghost - lets you sepctate after death
    Dead - you're isolated to the dead thread

    It's typically just reserved for people who might abuse the extra insight you gain from being a ghost.

    I've never had to use it but it's an option I like to keep around :P

    Edited March 22nd, Round 6 by Moonray

    A major event has occurred, check your journal for more information.

    Posted April 3rd, Round 11 by Moonray

    An event has occurred. Check your journal.

    Posted April 5th, Round 12 by Moonray

    Round update will be delayed (went to do it earlier but only one action had been made so didn't seem worth it). Unsure when I will get chance as I am out for most of the weekend, Monday at latest though!

    Posted April 21st, Round 17 by Moonray
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