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The Nostalgia Forum

Where the past still shines

Two truths and one lie
Posted: Posted March 3rd by ie#proxyI

I am sorry if this thread has been done before, but I find them fun. The truth can be about anything about why you were at the old GT or here.

The object of the game is to make three statements about yourself; two that are true, while one is a lie. The replies can be to guess the lie. After so many guesses, you must reveal what was the lie. Once you have posted your guess, you can post your three and let someone else try to guess.

I will begin:

1. I am a free lance journalist

2. I have a bachelors degree in journalism.

3. I love Japanese cuisine.

There are 13 Replies

Number 3 seems like the obvious one given the other two are related... So I am going for:

No. 1 is the lie.

My logic is maybe you've done your bachelors but not got a job in the field yet?

Posted March 3rd by Moonray

I'm going to go with #2.

Posted March 3rd by Xhin
Rise from ashes

Number 2... same logic but you don't do free lance work

Posted March 3rd by Helius

Number 2 is the lie. I am currently pursuing my degree, but I freelance from time to time for extra loot.

Posted March 3rd by ie#proxyI

Now someone else have a turn. Moonray...Xhin?

Posted March 3rd by ie#proxyI

Im talking at a conference tomorrow

I am prepared

I want to start collecting gamecube games.

Posted March 3rd by S.O.H.

Hmmm, since the second is rationally related to the first, if the one were rendered untrue then the other also is. According, I say the lie is:

The third option: I want to start collecting gamecube games.


Posted March 4th by ie#proxyI

Actually, after reconsidering my reasoning it is entirely possible that you may having a conference tomorrow but you are not actually prepared for it.

Good one SOH, but I am going to stick with the third option because I am stubborn like that.

Posted March 4th by ie#proxyI

I'll do one too.

1. I'm a smoker
2. I'm a drinker
3. I enjoyed my last day job.

Posted March 4th by Xhin
Rise from ashes

Im not fully prepared. But this isnt my first rodeo so I will be winging th emajority of my presentation.

I do want to collect GC games.

Posted March 4th by S.O.H.

Darn, I was off, SOH.

For Xhin, I am going to say 2 is the lie.

Posted March 4th by ie#proxyI

Well, is I'm right or is I'm wrong Xhin?

Posted March 6th by ie#proxyI

Game Over lol

Posted March 14th by Q
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