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Proper way to request something
Posted: Posted March 2nd by ie#proxyI

I would love to help out on this site. I have many years of modding and admining experience. However, I am not aware of the proper way to make such a request.

If there is no way, please keep me in mind whenever you need someone.


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I'll keep you in mind the next time we're hiring (right now we kinda have TOO MANY mods..)

Posted March 2nd by Xhin

Ok, thanks Xhin. I noticed there are no bottom row of forums. Did there used to be?

Posted March 2nd by ie#proxyI

I'd completely forgotten that the original GT had that lol.

Posted March 2nd by Moonray

I could have swore that this site had it one time. :)

Posted March 2nd by ie#proxyI

Maybe it did, it's been like 8 years. A lot has changed on the site I can't remember if we had the bottom links as well.

Posted March 3rd by Moonray

...Or it could be a whimsical mistake on my behalf. Perhaps, in my sorrow, I am not separating the two sites in my mind.

Alas, only Xhin can let us know on this one, but it is not really all that important.

Posted March 3rd by ie#proxyI

Yes, there was a bottom row of links for a while. I also revived it with an absurd number of forums once:

Posted March 3rd by Xhin

Oh god I remember now. It was so bad.

Posted March 3rd by Moonray

:( Maybe a few many forums, but a bottom was nice and really fluffed the site out some.

Not that I am complaining at all about the site layout, at all. This one is unique and a communion between the old and the new.

From a fellow site and forum builder, I tip my hat to creator or creators of this , who I believe is Xhin. The level of skill needed is amazing. I, in no way mean any offense, in any of comments in this post or those above.

Posted March 4th by ie#proxyI
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