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Never received registration email
Posted: Posted March 1st by ie#proxy

I signed up for an account here, but I never received the registration email.

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I've activated your account and smuggled in your current IP into your account (you should be logged in now).

Posted March 1st by Xhin

This is one of those things you could fix. ;o

Posted March 1st by LLight

It's a hard thing to fix.

Posted March 1st by Xhin

...actually I could just get something third-party and that would probably fix the problem

Posted March 1st by Xhin

Thanks, Xhin and the rest. You all are awesome. At the old GT, it would have taken weeks. Bless their heart. I remember the horror stories waiting for TGT accounts to be approved. :D

Posted March 2nd by ie#proxyI

This is one of those things you could fix. ;o

I've said as much a few times myself, especially during that period where it didn't even use the password people had put in (might still do that?) and I had to email people to let them know their new password and that their account was activated.

Posted March 2nd by Moonray
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