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The Nostalgia Forum

Where the past still shines

The sadness is explicable
Posted: Posted February 26th by ie#proxy

I am from the old GameTalk created by Mike Pooler back in the late 90s I believe.

I went there from about 2002 to when it closed I believe some time in 2008. I was given a moderator position sometime on 2006.

It was great escapism then. I was a young adult then; I am an older adult now.

I wonder if anyone remembers these old moderators of GT:




Big Daddy TJ

Diane, who was the moderator for the Harry Potter forum passed away some time ago.



There was a super mod that would do all of our global 'shins' but I cannot remember his name, but he just up and resigned one day out the blue.

Plubius (I don't think he was a moderator, but he started some kind of members' revolt called the Alliance. Anyway, I heard started his own gaming site call the gamelands or some such. I also heard he passed away too and his brother's family is now running things as a memorial)

If anyone remembers any of these members, please let me know. I am almost finished with university, so plan to come here more often.

This site help with the sadness of the loss of GameTalk and so many online friends.

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Oh I almost for Dark Mistress. She was the mod for JediSith

Posted February 26th by ie#proxy

Good afternoon!

I was given a moderator position sometime on 2006

What was your name? I became a moderator in 2005 of the 360 vs Wii vs PS3 forum and also Super Smash Bros Melee.

I remember most of the people you named. Threnody aka Keith has posted here a few times. He was here last year for a few days but didn't stay long.

Ragu o Ragula has posted here before but that was pretty long ago.

Masse was moderator of the World forum here for a good while but he stepped down a few years ago. I think he posted once last year, or sometime relatively recent.

By Diane I'm sure you mean liane. She was always very nice and posted positive, uplifting posts in the mod forum.

Posted February 26th by Vandy

Keith is a good friend of mine. If you want, and he is OK with it, I can send you his FB.

Posted February 26th by Aurelian
Fire Lion
Thunder Lion

Oh yes, Lady Liane was her username. I cannot remember what name I used back then, but I was made mod of the Res Evil or some other forum. I was not there much.

I was a member of the Alliance for a little bit, but quit when Plubius called it quits after talking with Mike.

Anyway, it does not matter. I enjoyed my time there.

I am glad Threnody is still around too.

I wonder if Xhin is Shin from the old GT. We named our global bans after him. lol.

Posted February 26th by ie#proxy


Posted February 26th by Vandy

No, I went through some of my old emails and of course they chopped off around 2011.

Posted February 26th by ie#proxy
Posted February 26th by Vandy

Oh I almost for Dark Mistress. She was the mod for JediSith

How could you forget DM?

She popped on here once or twice and is doing well if you're wondering. Was several years back though, she's probably forgotten about the place now :(

Posted February 26th by Moonray

Shin was someone separate. I've seen all of those around but Erica and Big Daddy TJ (wow, it's good to remember them after all these years).

Posted February 26th by Xhin
Rise from ashes

late hires best hires ayyyyyyyyy

Posted February 26th by Pirate_Ninja

For whom the bell tolls?

Posted February 27th by Threnody

I think mine was sent to my Hotmail account. I have long lost that account. :( Hello Xhin. Thanks for creating this forum.

Posted March 1st by ie#proxy

Threnody, now there is a name I remember. So many memories. They are all good and sad at the same time.

Posted March 1st by ie#proxy

Moonray, of course I will never forget Dark Mistress. We were chat friends on AIM for a while and she got a boyfriend and a life after GT, so she kind of dropped off. I think I kind of creeper her out. Older dude talking to a younger gal, but I always just thought her as Dark Mistress, the cute and funny mod of Jedi Sith.

Posted March 5th by ie#proxyI
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