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Halo GIF Collection
Posted: Posted February 25th
Edited March 1st by Vandy


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Posted February 25th by Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp


I'm going to turn this into a Halo GIF collection thread so I don't end up making a new post for every GIF I come across. I will tag them as numbers so if someone comments on one they can reference the number.

Awful 24-24 choke:


Posted March 1st by Vandy

I should start recording my fails and make a montage of them. But there would be so many ;(

Posted March 2nd by Q




Posted March 14th by Vandy

^^Ahahahaha, what a sucker.

Posted March 14th by Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp


oh hey @Count Dooku: there's some - :x


Edited March 17th by Vandy

Lmao, good times. It was so scary to turn around just in time to see the lead one face-plant.

Posted March 16th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

Damn, you got exploded on

Posted March 16th by Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp



Posted March 17th by Vandy


Advanced AI here folks!

Posted March 21st by Vandy

He's all like: "Here's Johnny BITCH!!!"

Posted March 21st by Q

Good eye

Posted March 22nd by Vandy

Hacks..... All hacks!!!

Posted March 22nd by Q

I remember getting a double kill in halo 3 once back when I played at my friend's house in 2008 but I still sucked bullet balls in general. I tend to only knife the aliens since I'm only hard to smash bros style fighting. I could never play in sniper mode since I have very shitty vision. I really should give this game another shot though (literally and figuratively speaking tbh). I'd probably get a really shorty colonel ranking.

Posted August 8th by Weid master chief
Weid master chief
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