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Can someone trade with me? I'd like to evolve my Haunter.
Posted: Posted February 18th by Eagle0


I have Pokemon Moon but no friends. Anybody want to help a brother out?

Also looking for a Scyther or any Johto pokemon really (n-natu... pls) willing to offer:

lvl 15 Quilava
lvl 19 Kadabra
lvl 7 Pichu
lvl 24 Dartrix
lvl 15 Torkoal
lvl 25 Tropius
lvl 30 Castform

and a lot of low level pokemon from the beginning of Moon. Sorry I don't have much, this is the first pokemon game I haven't dropped since the OG Sapphire. Any help would be appreciated!

also where is the brock avatar pn. no tracy i get but where is BROCK

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The pain was real when I started playing HG a couple years back, only to realise I couldn't evolve my Haunter because the online trading system wasn't around anymore.

Posted February 18th by Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

ye sure I'll trade you later (checked FE but only weid was there)

also I'm pretty sure all I ever did was remove some weird duplicate post icons or something like that; none of them are my doing

Edited February 18th by Pirate_Ninja

holy fruitcakes

I evolved his Haunter and sent it back, along with an almost-hatched Scyther egg

and he trades me a Trubbish for it

he sent me literal garbage

0/10 bad ebayer i'm calling the cops

Posted February 18th by Pirate_Ninja

Posted February 18th by Eagle0
Reply to: Can someone trade with me? I'd like to evolve my Haunter.

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